How Hot Should A Finnish Sauna Be?

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A Finnish Sauna should be 175°F.  This is the best temperature for a Finnish sauna.  If you want to get the most from your sauna experience, set the temperature dial to 175 degrees.  This works out at 79°C.  Below we cover everything you need to know about the best temperature for a Finnish Sauna.

What’s the Best Temperature for a Finnish Sauna?

the best temperature for a Finnish sauna

The best temperature for a Finnish sauna is 175°F (79°C).  This is the temperature that feels most comfortable and achieves the best results for most people.  However, there are a few things you should consider when choosing the best temperature for you.  These include your level of sauna experience, your individual level of heat tolerance, and any underlying medical conditions you may have.

Each of these factors plays a key role in determining the most effective and comfortable Finnish sauna temperature for you as an individual.  And, the most effective sauna temperature is the one that allows you to feel most comfortable and achieve the best results from your sauna session.

Level of Sauna Experience

Your level of sauna experience plays a key role in determining the best sauna temperature for you.  Experienced sauna users can tolerate higher temperatures and feel comfortable relaxing in intense heat.  However, beginners should start with a lower sauna temperature and allow time for their body to acclimatize to the new experience.

If you are a beginner you should start at a lower temperature.  Try aiming for 150°F, (65°C).  The lower level of heat will place less stress on your body and is a more comfortable starting point.  Continue at this temperature for a week or two.

And, if you feel comfortable, begin increasing the temperature by just 5° until you reach the 175°F mark.  If you feel uncomfortable at any stage, exit the sauna and allow your time to cool down and adjust to regular body temperature

Individual Heat Tolerance

What is your individual level of heat tolerance?  We all tolerate heat intensity differently.  Some people struggle more than others as the mercury in the temperature dial begins to rise.  Others are accustomed to intense heat and experience minimal discomfort when placed in a high temperature environment.

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Your individual ability to tolerate heat plays a crucial role in determining the best temperature for a Finnish sauna.  If you are heat sensitive and struggle in hot climates, you may want to aim for a lower temperature.  Again, 150°F is a better starting point for such individuals.

If you have a greater level of heat tolerance you will feel more comfortable at the best temperature for a Finnish sauna – 175°F.  Experienced sauna users with high levels of heat tolerance will crank up the heat above the optimal 175-degree mark.  Some sauna users enjoy temperatures of 200°F and above.


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Underlying Medical Conditions

Do you have any underlying medical conditions?  Do you have any health conditions that impact your ability to use a Finnish sauna safely?  If you have any health conditions, or any concerns at all about using a sauna, you should consult a medical professional before using a sauna.  Intense heat therapy is not suitable for all individuals.

Humidity & the Rule of 200

The best temperature for a Finnish sauna is also affected by the level of humidity inside the cabin.  And, striking a balance between the two will help you reach optimal temperature and comfort levels.

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An interesting rule called the ‘Rule of 200‘ states that the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and the percentage humidity level should add up to a combined total of 200.

For example, if you have a humidity level of 25%, then your ideal temperature will be 175°F.  Adding 25 and 175 gives us the golden number of 200.  This way you know you’ve balanced the two and hit the temperature sweet spot for any given humidity level.

To measure humidity level, you’ll need to add a hygrometer to your sauna.  The device uses a series of materials and measurements to read and display a room’s water vapor level.  And, you should note, the level of humidity will fall naturally as temperature increases.  So, hitting the ‘200’ sweet spot is easier than you might imagine.


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