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Sauna blanket inserts will take your sauna blanket experience to the next level. These super-soft wraps are designed for maximum comfort so you can really relax and get the most from your sauna blanket.


A sauna blanket insert is a specially designed wrap that you sit inside while relaxing in a sauna blanket. They feel great against your skin, remove the need for having to wear clothes, and even absorb your sweat.

They’re an inexpensive way of boosting your comfort and relaxation levels when using a sauna blanket – and they come with a host of benefits. See below…


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Treat yourself to some next-level comfort with a sauna blanket insert. They are made from ultra-soft, smooth material. They just feel so good against your skin.

Blanket inserts have a super-soft, velvety feel and will seriously boost your comfort levels while relaxing in a sauna blanket.


Using an insert means you will no longer have to clean your sauna blanket after every use. Just like a towel, they absorb sweat while you just lay back and relax.

This means your sauna blanket will not be soaked in sweat during the session. If the towel insert doesn’t soak through you’ll have no cleaning to do at all. Happy days!


If you don’t have an insert you need to wrap up to use a sauna blanket. All your skin needs to be covered.

This means you’ll have to wear long leggings, socks, and a long-sleeve top. You’ll be wrapped up from neck to toe.

However, if you use a sauna blanket towel insert you can ditch all these layers. All you’ll need to wear is a pair of shorts, a swimsuit, or some underwear.


Even better, why not enjoy the freedom of a naked sauna experience. If you’re using a blanket insert why not go one step further?

Who needs clothes anyway? Just, ditch the lot and enjoy the liberating feeling of a naked sauna in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


They’re really easy to use. Sauna blanket towel inserts are lightweight and designed to fit inside a sauna blanket.

All you need to do is position the insert inside the blanket and climb inside.

When you’re done just open the blanket and climb out of the cozy insert. Then, just gather it up and put it in the laundry.


They’re easy to clean and care for. The best sauna blanket inserts are machine washable and dry quickly. There are no complicated handling instructions and it will be ready to use the next day if you hang it up to dry.


The best sauna blanket inserts are made from super-soft, natural materials that feel great against your skin.

The most popular models on the market are made from soft combed cotton, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo. They do not contain any synthetic materials.


They’re reusable – just like a regular towel. Treated with care a sauna blanket insert will last many years – even a lifetime.

When you’re done just machine wash and dry and your good to go all over again next time you roll out your sauna blanket.



frequently asked questions

Should You Buy a Sauna Blanket Towel Insert?

If you want to maximize your comfort levels when relaxing in your sauna blanket – then yes! Yes, you should buy a sauna blanket towel insert.

If you want to stop wrapping up and covering all your skin when enjoying a sauna – then yes.

And, if you like the idea of not having to clean up the blanket every time it is used – then yes. An insert will take care of that as well.

They’re not expensive and they come with a whole host of advantages that will boost your sauna blanket experience.

Why Use a Sauna Blanket Insert?

The main reasons for using a sauna blanket insert are comfort, no need for clothes, and no need for cleaning.

Comfort – they’re soft against the skin and are made from natural materials. You will just feel so cozy wrapped up in one.

No More Clothes – you can do away with all the layers of clothes. Without an insert, you’ll need to cover all your skin from neck to toes.

No More Cleaning – the insert acts like a big enveloping towel. It will absorb your sweat during the session. No more pools of sweat to be mopped up when you’re done.

How Do They Work?

Very simple, just place the insert inside the sauna blanket before switching it on. When the sauna has preheated – just climb inside.

Have you ever been camping? It’s a bit like getting into a sleeping bag.

When you’re finished, carefully climb out and throw the towel insert in the laundry basket. Job done!

What Are They Made From?

The best sauna blanket inserts are made from all-natural materials. There are no synthetics in sight – which is great news for your skin.

The leading sauna blanket towels use super-soft combed cotton, premium Egyptian cotton, and bamboo.

Bamboo fabric is woven from bamboo plant fibers and is known for its strength and durability. It is often blended with cotton to increase the lifespan of material.


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