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Discover the Best Infrared Heating Mats 2021 with our Independent and Unbiased Reviews. Infrared Mats are an excellent choice for boosting health, calming the mind, and treating chronic conditions like back pain.  This guide will help you choose the best infrared heating mat for you and your home.


Infrared heating mats use infrared energy to deeply penetrate and heat the body from the inside.  They achieve much greater healing results compared to regular heating pads.

They are an excellent choice for treating back pain and reducing inflammation.  Additional health benefits include increased energy levels, reduced stress, improved cardiovascular activity, and boosting the immune system.

Best Infrared Mat Reviews

The best infrared heating mats on the market in 2021

Best Overall:
Higher Dose Infrared & PEMF Mat

the best infrared healing mat

five stars

  • Best Mat For Healing & Recovery
  • Combines PEMF & Infrared Energy
  • Advanced Multi-Layer Design
  • Tourmaline, Amethyst Quartz & Charcoal – Boost Healing
  • Excellent Choice For Pain Relief

Powerful Healing & Recovery

This Higher Dose mat combines Far Infrared energy and PEMF healing for maximum results.  It is an excellent choice for healing, recovery, and pain relief.

Infrared heat energy penetrates deep into the body, heating the core, and stimulating cardiovascular activity.  This is complemented by bursts of PEMF electromagnetic energy that are believed to stimulate the natural recovery process.

Advanced Layered Construction

The mat has been built to the highest standard and contains several layers that combine to boost healing and recovery performance.

  • Tourmaline Layer – for negative ion production, believed to boost serotonin levels.
  • Amethyst Layer – natural amethyst is believed to promote healing in alternative medicine
  • Natural Clay Layer – balances infrared heating performance
  • Charcoal Layer – believed to boost detoxification


The Higher Dose Infrared & PEMF mat is the best infrared mat on the market in 2021.  It combines two powerful technologies for excellent healing and recovery results.  The build quality is outstanding and its performance speaks for itself.

Strong Contender:
Medi Crystal Healing V-Mat
$1,700 approx
4.5 stars

  • Heating Mat with PEMF Technology
  • Contains Natural Amethyst & Tourmaline
  • Thirteen Preset PEMF Programs
  • Treats Minor Muscle & Joint Pains

Amethyst & Black Tourmaline

The Medi-Crystal V-Mat combines heat and PEMF to treat the body.   The v-mat has been built with a layer of amethyst and black tourmaline crystal for negative ion production.

The pulsed electromagnetic energy can be set to any one of 13 preset programs.  It is a good choice for treating minor muscle and joints pains, muscle spasms, strains, and stiffness.


Although it doesn’t live up to the high standards of the Higher Dose PEMF and infrared mat, the Medi-Crystal V-Mat is still a strong contender.  It offers many of the features found on the Higher Dose model but comes with a higher price tag.

Great Performance:
UTK Infrared Heating Pat
$2,000 approx.
4 star review

  • Small Infrared Heating Pad
  • Powerful Far Infrared Energy
  • Negative Ion Production
  • Cannot Treat Whole Body

Targetted Heat Therapy

The UTK infrared heating pad is designed to treat a small specific area of the body.  Measuring just 15”x19″ inches it cannot be used to treat the whole body.

The pad is flexible and can be wrapped around any body part for targeted heating.  It is used to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce muscle tension.


The UTK infrared heating pas is a great choice for targetted heat therapy for a specific area of the body.  It can’t compete with the full-size mats in terms of power, generating just 75W of infrared energy, but its small size makes it a great choice for portable heat therapy.

What Is An Infrared Heating Mat?

An infrared heating mat is a heating device that uses infrared light energy to heat and heal the body.  They are used to regenerate muscle tissue, relieve pain, and relax the mind.

Infrared mats use powerful heating pads to generate infrared heat that deeply penetrate the body.  They are an excellent choice for treating back pain, relieving stiff muscles, and reducing inflammation.

The best infrared mats combine infrared heat with additional technologies such as PEMF, amethyst crystals, and tourmaline to maximise results.  They are an affordable and convenient way of enjoying the healing effects of infrared heat at home.  For more information on PEMF Therapy – see here.

They are simple to use – just roll them out, plug them in, and stretch out on top.  And they are easy to pack away when not is use – just roll back up and pack away.


Infrared Heating Mats Pros & Cons

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  • Deep Penetrating Heat – infrared heat penetrates deeply into the body.  Infrared heat penetrates up to 5 cm compared to the heat from a regular heating pad of just less than half a centimetre.
  • Improved Results – this is a key advantage of an infrared mat.  Because infrared heat penetrates more deeply and heats the body to the core – it achieves better results.  Infrared is a much better option for healing the body and relaxing the mind.
  • Longer Lasting Results – the results last longer too.  Because the heat penetrates deeply – it has a lasting effect, and the benefits can be felt up to six hours later.
  • Different Sizes Available – there is a wide selection of infrared heating pads and mats to choose from.  Small pads can be used to wrap around a specific area, or mats can be used to treat the whole body.
  • Great Control – all the best infrared mats have a hand held controller.  This allows you to adjust the level and intensity of heat to suit your needs.
  • Convenience – an infrared mat is a small portable device.  It can be used at home or taken on the road if needed.  When not in use it can be rolled up and easily stored away.
  • Affordability – they are a much more affordable option commpared to having an infrared sauna built in your home.  You can get all the benefits of infrared healing at a fraction of the price.
  • Natural Alternative to Drugs – if they are being used to treat a condition – physical or mental – they offer a natural treatment method compared to phramaceutical intervention.


  • Single Person Use – infrared mats are designed to be used by one person at a time.  They cannot be used by multiple perople simultaneously.
  • Space Requirement – they are designed to be rolled out flat on a floor space.  If you live in a small apartment, bare in mind that you will need adequate floor space to operate one.
  • Price – an infrared mat costs more than a regular electric heating pad.  But it uses a completely different technology and acieves much better results.
  • No Seat – as mats they are designed to be positioned directly on the floor.  There is no seat or bench, so to use them you will have to lie or sit directly on top of the mat.
  • Start-Up Time – infrared heating elements take some time to heat up when initally powered on – typically 5-10 minutes.


Do Infrared Mats Really Work?

man and woman getting infrared heat therapy

Infrared mats are an effective, natural and safe way of treating the body with the healing powers of infrared light energy.  Like infrared saunas they are an excellent way of enjoying the benefits of infrared therapy in your home.

Infrared heat therapy is used around the world to treat a wide range of conditions, including lyme disease, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, alzheimer’s and parkinon’s.  It is also an excellent way of treating back pain, lumbar pain, and reducing inflammation.

A study by the Rothbart Pain Management Clinic in Canada found infrared therapy is an effective way of reducing chronic lower back pain.  They also observed no adverse effects to the use of infrared heat energy during their trials.

How Do They Work?

Infrared mats use an electrically powered heating element that generates infrared energy.  When an electrical current passes through the heating element it begins to heat up.  As it heats, it radiates infrared light energy.

Infrared light is not visible to the human eye but it penetrates deep into our tissues and heats us from the inside.  It provides a gentle form of heating that warms us right to the core.

Other types of home infrared sauna include Sauna Blankets, Sauna Tents, and Portable Saunas.

Treating Back Pain With Infrared Heating Mats

Infrared heating mats are a great tool for treating and relieving back pain.  They use infrared heat energy to deeply penetrate and heat our bodies from the inside.

This form of heat therapy targets the body directly without heating the air around us.  It is an excellent way of relaxing muscles that have become stiff and sore as a result of back pain.

Back pain is a very common and debilitating condition.  It usually lasts for weeks but can cause problems for months at a time.  Infrared heat therapy has provided great relief to many people who have suffered back pain or lumbago.

As mentioned above, scientific research has shown that infrared heat is an effective and safe way of treating back pain.  An infrared mat can help reduce inflammation and ease the symtoms of back pain.

Infrared heat therapy can be used to boost overall health, reduce stress levels, and treat a wide range of illnesses.  For more information on the benefits of infrared heat see – The Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna.

How Are They Used?

Using an infrared heating mat is easy.  Just find a space, roll it out, and plug it in.  Make sure it’s switched on and then use the controller as per instructions to set the mat to your preferred heat level.

It will take a few minutes for the mat to heat up and begin emiting infrared energy but you can climb on right away and start your session while it warms up.  No need to wait.

You can choose to lie on the mat or stay seated.  A lieing position will give good coverage to your whole body.  While a seated position will target the areas of your body closest to the mat.

The best infrared mats have an auto-off setting that you can use to switch the heaters off after a desired period of time.  This is a great feature if you plan on falling asleep during the session.

Healing Effects of PEMF

The very best infarred mats combine infrared heat therapy with electromagnetic PEMF energy.  PEMF is a form of therapy that uses pulsed electro-magnetic fields to heal the body.

It has been used for many years to help reduce pain, chronic inflammation, and boost energy and circulation.  For more infformation on PEMF, see our guide: What Is PEMF?

Staying Safe

When it comes to staying safe while using an infrared healing mat we recommend you follow the instructions and safety advice that comes with your safety mat.

Some things you should consider to help you stay safe are – proper hydration and avoiding over-heating.

To avoid becoming dehydrated you should drink water to replace any fluids lost due to sweat.  And to avoid over heating you should end your heat session before becoming uncomfortably hot.

Also, it is worth remebering that infrared is a perfectly safe form of heat and should not be confused with UV light – which can damage the skin.  It is a naturally occuring form of light within the elctrcomagnetic spectrum.

For more information on infrared heat and safety, see our guide – Is Infrared Safe?

And, if relaxation is what you really want – take a look at our reviews of the best saunas for relaxation 2021.


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