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Discover the Best Infrared Mat of 2024 with our Independent and Unbiased Reviews.  Infrared Mats are an excellent choice for boosting health, calming the mind, and treating chronic conditions like back pain.  Our expert reviews and guides below will help you discover your ideal Infrared Heating Pad today.


Our site is reader supported.  We may earn a commission if you buy through a link. This does not impact our reviews. Our opinions are our own and we aim to help you make the best choice for you.  Safety Notice – individuals who use a defibrillator, pacemaker or any other similar type of implant should not use PEMF as it may cause interference. 

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five stars


  • FAR INFRARED (158°F)

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The HigherDose Infrared and PEMF mat is the best infrared heating mat of 2024. It is built using high-quality materials, performs superbly, and delivers great results.

The first thing you notice about this mat is its build quality. It has been constructed from durable, well-chosen materials. The mat has a multi-layer design that incorporates some great technological features.


lady using the higher dose infrared heating mat

The infrared heating element is positioned beneath a heat-balancing charcoal and clay layer to ensure the heat is spread evenly across the surface of the mat. Above this lies a PVC and oxford structural layer.

This is followed by a purple amethyst and black tourmaline crystal layer – for their potential healing effect. And, above the crystals is a waterproof PVC outer layer and non-toxic, soft-to-touch mono netting cover.


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. It is used to generate magnetic waves that pass through your body at specific frequencies. It is believed to stimulate the natural recovery process.

The PEMF coil is located near the base of the mat below the infrared heating element. It has been designed with an auto shut-off feature that shuts it down after 20 minutes. This is good if you fall asleep. However, you can continue using the infrared heat beyond this.


woman lying on an infared heating mat and reading a book

We love the PEMF feature on this mat, and it’s very easy to use. It complements the infrared heat therapy nicely and is a great way to boost your recovery session. The control panel is well laid out and simple to operate.

The PEMF is optional so you can choose to use it or leave it switched off. You can operate the infrared and PEMF completely independently of each other. Each one has its own control and settings. The PEMF has four settings, see below.

• Level 1  3Hz
• Level 2  7.8Hz 
• Level 3  10Hz
• Level 4  23Hz 

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The lower frequencies, (levels 1 and 2), are recommended for relaxation and the higher settings, (levels 3 and 4), for stimulation.  This is the best infrared PEMF mat in 2024.


This IR mat generates Far Infrared heat energy. Far infrared is great for deep tissue penetration and for heating your body right to the core. The heat level is controlled using a dial on the control panel.

There are 7 heat levels to choose from and it has a maximum temperature of 158°F. We found that level 5 worked best for us. The heat feels pretty high at this setting and is a good fit for a longer session. Level 7 feels very hot.


a woman sitting on infrared mat holding purple amethyst crystal

The HigherDose infrared mat has a layer of purple amethyst and black tourmaline crystals just below the mat surface. They are held together in mesh fabric tubes and spread out across the surface area of the mat.

In alternative medicine amethyst crystals are believed to be a source of energy and black tourmaline is believed to boost negative ion production. Negative ions may play a role in boosting health, relieving depression, and increasing blood flow to the brain.  This is the best infrared mat with amethyst crystals.


This is a great mat for recovery and relaxation. Post exercise, or before bedtime – it’s a great fit.  If you just finished a gym session or a home workout you can use the mat to boost your recovery session. It’s a great way to finish your exercise routine.

The deep penetrating heat and PEMF stimulate blood flow and cardiovascular activity that will speed up your recovery. It’s great for relieving tired and aching muscles and joints. And, it’s great for relieving period pain.


woman lying on her back on a higherdose infrared and pemf heating mat

The mat works wonders for relaxation. If you’ve had a stressful day or are just in the need of some relaxation this mat will do the job.

For relaxation and stress relief we find it works best if you lie it flat on the floor and rest on top. Stretch out completely, close your eyes, and let the infrared heat and PEMF get to work. In a short while, you’ll probably find yourself drifting off.

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The HigherDose Infrared and PEMF mat is the best infrared mat on the market in 2024 – we highly recommend it. The mat combines excellent build quality, far-infrared heat, and pulsed PEMF therapy to deliver excellent results.

It performs superbly for both recovery and relaxation. It’s great for boosting your recovery post-workout, easing muscle and joint pain, and for relaxing the mind. It is hands-down the best infrared and PEMF mat of 2024.


woman laying on the healthy wave infrared pemf mat

five stars



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The Healthy Wave Multi Wave 5 Far Infrared PEMF mat comes a close second in our best infrared mat list for 2024. This mat is a firm favorite at Home Sauna Heaven and we feel it delivers superb all-round performance that will meet most people’s needs. The Healthy Wave Multi Wave 5 combines far-infrared heat, crushed crystals, and PEMF therapy in one device. Below we take a close look at the mat’s design, construction, and performance.


First up, the Healthy Wave Multi Wave 5 is a far-infrared heating mat. It delivers deep penetrating infrared light energy with a wavelength of at least 5-14 um. The surface of the mat reaches a maximum temperature of 130°F (55°C) on the highest setting.

This is plenty of heat to warm you up right to the core. It works great post-workout for loosening out tired muscles and temporary pain relief. The mat is fitted with a handheld unit panel that allows you to set the temperature and time duration for the infrared heating feature. And, there’s an auto shut-off feature you can use that allows you to doze off while you relax.


The Healthy Wave Multi 5 is equipped with powerful PEMF functionality. If you want an infrared mat that also delivers pulsed PEMF therapy you can add this one to your list. Six PEMF coils embedded in the mat interior generate ample pulsed electromagnetic energy to get the job done.

healthy wave infrared and pemf mat

The device is pre-programmed with ten 20-minute PEMF routines and two more substantial 1-hour programs. We feel this provides coverage for most people’s needs. However, you can create your own tailored programs for your specific needs if you feel the need.

Each of the 20-minute pre-programmed settings alternates through four different PEMF wave types during the cycle. The delivery of different PEMF signals is believed to trigger a more comprehensive therapeutic response. This is where the mat gets its “Multi 5” name.


This Healthy Wave infrared and PEMF mat also contains layers of crushed crystals. In alternative medicine, crystals are believed to have a healing and relaxing effect on the body. The Healthy Wave contains crushed amethyst, tourmaline, quartz, obsidian, and jade crystals – see below.

  • Amethyst Crystals: 9.2lbs/4.1 kg
  • Tourmaline Crystals: 1lbs/0.5 kg
  • Quartz Crystals: 0.5lbs/0.2 kg
  • Obsidian Crystals: 0.8lbs/0.4 kg
  • Jade Crystals: 0.2lbs/0.1 kg


This Healthy Wave infrared mat measures approximately 72″x 24″ x 1.5″ inches (180 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm). It is big enough to allow most people to fit their whole body on the mat. And, it’s a perfect fit for a massage table if you want to raise it up off the floor. The mat contains 18 distinct layers – constructed using durable, heat-resistant, non-toxic materials.

It weighs a grand total of 22 lbs, comes with handy carry case that can also be used for storage, and is FDA-registered in the US. Note, the mat cannot be rolled up or bent in any way, doing so will damage the PEMF coils within. It must always be folded along the 3 pre-determined folding lines as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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The Healthy Wave Multi Wave 5 Far-Infrared and PEMF mat is our runner-up best infrared mat 2024. This mat is incredibly well-built and delivers outstanding performance that will help you relax, ease tired muscles, and help you feel rejuvenated. It not only delivers consistent far-infrared heat but also comes equipped with powerful PEMF functionality. The PEMF feature is easy to use and has been pre-programmed with 12 routines that are available at the touch of a button.

There’s also an option to add your own tailored PEMF programs to meet your individual needs. And, like the best infrared mats on this list, it contains layers of crushed crystals – amethyst, tourmaline, quartz, obsidian, and jade. The Healthy Wave Multi Wave 5 is available with a generous 5-year enhanced warranty and free US shipping excluding Alaska & Hawaii.  It’s our runner-up in the best infrared heating pad category.

Contender: HealthyLine Platinum 7224 Pro Infrared & PEMF Mat Review

woman laying on a healthyline pro infrared mat

4.5 stars


  • MAX TEMP: 160°F
  • PEMF

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The Healthy Line Platinum 7224 Infrared Mat is a highly impressive device. It is one of the best infrared mats 2024. This full-sized model is designed and built using 21 functional layers, more on this below. It measures 72″ x 24″ x 1.5″ inches (180 cm x 60 cm x 4 cm) and weighs approximately 27.2 lbs (12.3 kg). It’s available in 110-volt and 220-volt models.

• Heating Layer
This layer contains an advanced silicon heating wire.
Heats the gemstones above to generate far infrared heat energy. 

• PEMF Layer
This is the layer that contains the pulsed electro-magnetic frequency system.
The PEMF copper coils can be adjusted using the advanced settings to control output.

• Gemstone Layer
Gemstones are strategically placed within the HealthLine mat to promote far-infrared heat.
They may also play a role in negative ion generation.

• Photon Light Layer
This is where the 60 photon LED lights are placed, next to the surface of the mat. 
They deliver visible red light at a wavelength of 660 nm.

• Functional Layers
Other functional layers include a PEMF-filtering copper mesh, clay layer, charcoal layer, thermal layer, bamboo carbon fiber, and Oxford waterproof layer for protection and durability.

• Non-Toxic External Casing
The entire mat is enclosed in a non-toxic external casing that holds everything in place. 
It is a synthetic leather material and is easy to clean.


The Healthy Line Platinum Pro Infrared Mat uses far infrared energy to gently heat the body. Far infrared heat works well for temporary pain relief of aching joints and sore muscles. We find it also works well for relaxation and may be of use to many as a sleeping aid.

healthyline pro infrared mat with controllers

The infrared heat generated is in the wavelength range of 5-14 μm. And, it has a temperature range of 95–160°F. This works out as 35-70°C. The higher the temperature selected using the hand-held controller, the higher the level of infrared rays. 

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The Healthy Line Platinum Pro mat comes equipped with PEMF – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. And. The PEMF on this device is fully customizable. The default frequency is set to 7.83Hz but you can tailor the electro magnetic pulses to meet your needs. 

Using the advanced controller you can adjust the PEMF waveform (sine or square), frequency (1 to 30Hz), pulse duration (medium, fast, ultra fast), intensity (10% to 100%), and time (20-60 mins)
and displayed as 8 Hz.


One of the added features found in this mat but not in others is photon light. The mat comes with 60 photon light LEDs. They emit visible red light at a wavelength of 660 nm. For maximum benefits, the lights should be in direct contact with the skin. This means you’ll need to use the mat at a lower temperature setting and remove any surface covering such as a towel.


There’s an impressive collection of gemstones in the Healthy Line infrared mat. The Platinum Pro 7224 contains amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian, jade, and quartz stones, for their potential therapeutic effect. It is believed these stones emit far-infrared energy and negative ions when heated. They are popular in alternative medicine.

healthyline pro infrared mat gemstones

Amethyst: 9.2 lbs,
Tourmaline: 1 lbs,
Obsidian: 0.8 lbs,
Jade: 0.2 lbs,
Quartz: 0.5 lbs


There are even two controllers. One for beginners and a more advanced unit for expert users. The basic controller allows you to get the device up and running quickly and easily. However, if you want more control over the features you can replace this with the advanced controller. This unit allows you to control the PEMF setting and adjust all the available features. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions before diving in.

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The Healthy Line Platinum 7224 Infrared Mat is a contender for best infrared mat 2024. The device combines an impressive collection of complementary therapies. It comes equipped with far infrared heating, PEMF, a gemstone layer, and red LED photon lights. If you want bang for your buck and a mat that delivers multiple therapies, this could be the one for you. 

It heats up to an impressive temperature of 160°F/70°C. Plenty of infrared energy to heat you right to the bones. The PEMF is highly customizable, and the gemstone layer contains over 11 lbs of amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian, jade, and quartz. There’s a 5-year limited warranty and options to trade in and upgrade to newer and better models.


smiling happy lady


An infrared heating mat is a heating device that uses infrared light energy to heat and heal the body.  They are used to regenerate muscle tissue, relieve pain, and relax the mind.

Infrared mats use powerful heating pads to generate infrared heat that deeply penetrates the body.  They are an excellent choice for treating back pain, relieving stiff muscles, and reducing inflammation.


The best far infrared mats combine infrared heat with additional technologies such as PEMF, amethyst crystals, and tourmaline to maximize results.

They are an affordable and convenient way of enjoying the healing effects of infrared heat at home.  For more information on PEMF Therapy and its benefits – see here.


They are simple to use – just roll them out, plug them in, and stretch out on top.  And they are easy to pack away when not in use – just roll back up and pack away.


abstract image of white stones and green stalks


man pointing and smiling



The best far infrared heating pads use heat in the form of light energy that gently penetrates deeply into the body.  Infrared heat penetrates up to 5 cm compared to the heat from a regular heating pad of just less than half a centimeter.


This is a key advantage of a far infrared mat.  Because infrared heat penetrates more deeply and heats the body to the core – it achieves better results.  Infrared is a much better option for healing the body and relaxing the mind.


Even better, the results last longer too.  Because the heat penetrates deeply – it has a lasting effect, and the infrared mat benefits can be felt up to six hours later.


There is a wide selection of infrared heating pads and mats to choose from.  Small pads can be used to wrap around a specific area, or mats can be used to treat the whole body.


All the best infrared mats have an easy-to-use handheld controller.  This allows you to adjust the level and intensity of heat to suit your needs.


An infrared mat is a small portable device.  It is incredibly convenient.  They can be used at home or taken on the road if needed.  When not in use it can be rolled up and easily stored away.


They are a much more affordable option compared to having an infrared sauna built in your home.  You can get all the benefits of infrared healing at a fraction of the price.


If they are being used to treat a condition – physical or mental – they offer a natural treatment method compared to pharmaceutical intervention.

For more information on the advantages and disadvantages check out our full guide – Pros & Cons of an Infrared Mat.


sauna and spa items


Infrared mats are designed to be used by one person at a time.  They cannot be used by multiple people simultaneously.


They are designed to be rolled out flat on a floor space.  If you live in a small apartment, bear in mind that you will need adequate floor space to operate one.


An infrared mat costs more than a regular electric heating pad.  But it uses a completely different technology and achieves much better results.  Price is a consideration we have factored into our infrared mat reviews above.


As mats, they are designed to be positioned directly on the floor.  There is no seat or bench, so to use them you will have to lie or sit directly on top of the mat.


Infrared heating elements take some time to heat up when initially powered on – typically 5-10 minutes.  This will give you some time to get ready.


Infrared sauna mats are an effective, natural, and safe way of treating the body with the healing powers of infrared light energy.  Like infrared saunas, they are an excellent way of enjoying the benefits of infrared therapy in your home.

lady smiling and gesturing happily

Infrared heat therapy is used around the world to treat a wide range of conditions, including lyme disease, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, alzheimer’s and parkinson’s.  It is also an excellent way of treating back pain, lumbar pain, and reducing inflammation.

A study by the Rothbart Pain Management Clinic in Canada found infrared therapy is an effective way of reducing chronic lower back pain.  They also observed no adverse effects to the use of infrared heat energy during their trials.  Great news!


Infrared mats use an electrically powered heating element that generates infrared energy.  When an electrical current passes through the heating element it begins to heat up.  As it heats, it radiates infrared light energy.

how to use a portable sauna

Infrared light is not visible to the human eye but it penetrates deep into our tissues and heats us from the inside.  It provides a gentle form of heating that warms us right to the core.

For more information on how they work check out this post – How Does an Infrared Mat Work?


Using an infrared heating mat is easy.  Just find a space, roll it out, and plug it in.  Make sure it’s switched on and then use the controller as per instructions to set the mat to your preferred heat level.

smiling lady

It will take a few minutes for the mat to heat up and begin emitting infrared energy but you can climb on right away and start your session while it warms up.  No need to wait.

You can choose to lie on the mat or stay seated.  A lying position will give good coverage to your whole body.  While a seated position will target the areas of your body closest to the mat.

The best infrared mats have an auto-off setting that you can use to switch the heaters off after a desired period of time.  This is a great feature if you plan on falling asleep during the session.


Infrared heating mats are a great tool for treating and relieving back pain.  They use infrared heat energy to deeply penetrate and heat our bodies from the inside.

man with back pain

This form of heat therapy targets the body directly without heating the air around it.  It is an excellent way of relaxing muscles that have become stiff and sore as a result of back pain.

Back pain is a very common and debilitating condition.  It usually lasts for weeks but can cause difficulties for some people for much longer.  If you want to avoid prescription drugs and seek an alternative treatment method – take a look at infrared heat.

Infrared heat therapy has provided great relief to many people who have suffered back pain or lumbago.  You can target backpain with a small infrared heating mat such as the HigherDose Go Mat.


As mentioned above, scientific research has shown that infrared heat is an effective and safe way of treating back pain.  A far infrared mat can help reduce inflammation and ease the symptoms of back pain.

Infrared heat therapy can be used to boost overall health, reduce stress levels, and treat a wide range of illnesses.  For more information on the benefits of infrared heat see – The Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna.


When it comes to staying safe while using an infrared healing mat we recommend you follow the instructions and safety advice that comes with your safety mat.

stay safe

Some things you should consider to help you stay safe are – proper hydration and avoiding over-heating.

To avoid becoming dehydrated you should drink water to replace any fluids lost due to sweat.  And to avoid overheating you should end your heat session before becoming uncomfortably hot.

Infrared light energy is a perfectly safe form of heat and should not be confused with UV light – which can damage the skin.

It is a naturally occurring form of light within the electromagnetic spectrum.  For more information on infrared heat and safety, see our guide – Is Infrared Safe?


Infrared heating mats use infrared energy to deeply penetrate and heat the body from the inside.  They are an excellent choice for temporary relief of back pain and reducing inflammation.

Potential health benefits include increased energy levels, reduced stress, improved cardiovascular activity, and boosting the immune system.  They achieve much greater healing results compared to regular heating pads.

BIOMAT Professional Amethyst 7000MX Infrared Mat

Biomat 7000MX Infrared Mat

$2,700 – $4,200

4.5 stars


  • FAR INFRARED (158°F)


The Biomat 7000MX infrared mat is a top-quality infrared heating mat. A lot of thought has gone into its design and it has been very well built. We like the durable and robust feel of the mat. Treated well it should last many years.

The Biomat infrared mat is available in a range of sizes – king, queen, single, mini, and professional. For this Biomat review, we took a close look at the Single model. However, all these Biomats are designed to be placed on top of a mattress.

The queen and king IR mat models will work well for couples. These mats can be used by two people simultaneously and allow for different temperatures to be applied to either side of the mat.


The Biomat has a complex construction and contains a total of 17 specially engineered layers. The outer layer is made from silicon urethane and cotton that provides comfort and protection. Beneath this lies a waterproof layer and an amethyst and tourmaline crystal bed.

The infrared heating element is located close to the center of the mat and is protected by a series of layers including a fiberglass, thermal preservation, and reflection layer. A copper fabric and carbon fiber layer provide EMF interception.


The Biomat uses far infrared (FIR) technology to heat the body. FIR is great for deep tissue penetration and this mat really does heat you to the core. You can feel your body heating up on the higher heat settings within 10-15 minutes.

The controller allows you to choose between nine preset heat levels, 1-9. These run from 86°F – 158°F. You can also set a timer to put a time limit on the session. This is great for falling asleep as the mat will automatically shut off when the time has been reached.


This mat does not come with PEMF therapy. Unlike the HigherDose mat, it cannot combine infrared and PEMF therapy. This won’t be a problem if you’re not interested in PEMF.

Instead, the Biomat infrared mat mat relies on the healing effect of infrared heat combined with the potential health benefits of the crystals encased inside the Biomat. In terms of heat level performance – it is on a par with the Higherdose infrared mat.


Looking for the best Biomat 2024? The 7000MX comes with a layer of amethyst and tourmaline. The crystals are carefully layered inside the mat and are spread out across the entire surface area. These stones play a role in alternative medicine and are believed to be a source of energy and negative ion production.


The Biomat infrared mat is a great infrared heating mat. It generates powerful far infrared heat that will penetrate your body, soothe muscle tension, and relieve aches and pains.

And, the infrared heat therapy is complemented by the potential health benefits of an amethyst and tourmaline layer. However, its healing therapies stop there. The mat has no PEMF technology which will disappoint some.

The Biomat boasts outstanding build quality, feels robust, and is available in a variety of sizes. It also comes with a significant price tag. The small single model retails at $2,700 and the two-person double versions are up to $4,200.  It’s a worthy contender in our best infrared heating pad reviews.

MediCrystal 5 Gems Bio Stimulation Infrared Mat

medicrystal v mat infrared mat

S800 approx

4 star review


  • Far Infrared 86-158 °F
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Multi-Pole magnets
  • No PEMF
  • Two Size Options


The MediCrystal 5 infrared mat generates decent heat levels. But falls short of the best infrared heating mats on this list. It has an operating temperature range of 86° to 158°F. That works out as 30°C to 70°C. It’s plenty of heat for gently heating your body. However, you won’t find yourself working up an intense sweat. 

The infrared heat is advertised as being EMF-free and comes with an overheat protection mechanism for your safety. It’s fitted with NIR red lights. And, there’s a timer that allows you to set a time limit for your session of 3, 6, 8, or 12 hours. Great news for those of us who tend to nod off on infrared mats.


One of the stand-out features of this infrared mat is its crystal fit-out. It contains 15 pounds of natural crystals, more than many of the best infrared mats on the market. If crystal therapy is your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

The mat contains amethyst, green aventurine, white crystals, red agate, and yellow aventurine crystals. In alternative medicine, crystals are believed to help balance and restore energy levels by targeting specific chakras.


This MediCrystal infrared heating mat is also fitted with a network of magnets. In all, there are 11 multi-pole magnet pieces strategically placed across the surface of the mat. They provide a continuous magnetic field that interacts with your body when you lie on the surface. In alternative medicine circles it is believed magnets can help relieve pain.


This mat does not come with PEMF. If you’re after an infrared mat that also delivers PEMF therapy, you’re out of luck. Take a look at both the HigherDose and Healthy Wave infrared mats above if you want Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency therapy. Both of these mats come fitted with PEMF, as standard.


This infrared heating mat is available in two sizes, small and large. The large mat measures 72” x 24” inches and provides full body coverage when laid flat on the floor or therapy bench. The smaller size measures 57” x 23” inches and can be used to target specific areas.

We prefer the large size as you can stretch out on it and heat your entire body. It’s great for relaxation and gentle infrared heating from the shoulders to toes. The smaller size is more easily transported if you want to take it on the road with you. And can be used to treat specific areas, for example, the lower back.


The MediCrystal 5 gem bio stimulation infrared mat is a solid performer and worth a look. It is well-designed mat and boasts quality workmanship. It comes equipped with impressive infrared heating performance, crystal therapy, and a multi-pole magnet configuration. It ticks a lot of boxes for individuals seeking a holistic alternative therapy experience. 

However, this infrared mat does not come with PEMF therapy. It is available in two sizes – small and standard. Small works well for use in a seated position. And, the large size is ideal for full body coverage. Overall, we think most people will have a positive experience with the Medi Crystal 5 Gem infrared mat.


American Choice infrared heating pad review

4 star review




The American Choice infrared heating pad is a solid performer. It is a well-built consistent performer. If you are looking for an entry-level infrared heating mat – this could be a good choice for you. We view this mat as a budget option and is best suited for people looking for a bargain.

The American Choice infrared mat is made using heavy-duty, durable materials and a medical-grade mesh fabric. The workmanship is good and it has a robust feel. The mat measures 74” x 28” x 0.5” inches when rolled out and weighs 20.15 pounds.


The surface of the American Choice pad contains a layer of crushed natural amethyst stones. The stones have been carefully spread to ensure they are comfortable to lie on during use. They have also been crushed and tumbled to remove sharp edges before being positioned inside the mat. 

The amethyst stones heat up when the infrared heat is applied and warm in tandem with your body. In alternative medicine, amethyst crystals are believed to be a source of energy.


The American Choice infrared pad is available in four size options.  You can opt for full body coverage or choose a smaller pad for targeted heat relief, see below.

  • 74 x 28 x 0.5 inches
  • 60 x 24 x 0.5 inches
  • 32 x 20 x 0.5 inches
  • 18 x 18 x 2 inches


The American Choice infrared heating pad is easy to use and operates in the same way as the best infrared mats on this list. It is essentially a plug-and-play device. Just roll the mat out on a flat suitable surface – anything that is made from a heat-resistant material will do.

Then plug it into the wall and you’re ready to go. The handheld controller allows you to adjust the time and temperature for your session. Time can be set in hours and temperature can be selected in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The mat will automatically shut off once the selected time duration has been reached.


The American Choice infrared heating pad is great for relaxation. Whether you’ve just finished an intense workout or want to prepare your body for sleep before going to bed. The infrared heat generated by the mat penetrates your skin and begins heating your muscles on the inside. We feel it will work well for post-workout warm-downs and for temporary relief of minor muscle pain.


American Choice offers a 1-year warranty with every purchase. Should you experience a fault with your infrared mat within this time – just get in touch with the company. They have a customer care department and a company address registered in Brooklyn, New York.


The American Choice infrared heating mat is a contender for the best infrared heating mat 2024. It is a budget option and will appeal best to those looking for a bargain. That said, we felt it was well-designed and constructed without any obvious faults. 

The heating mat contains a layer of crushed amethyst stones and is very easy to use. Just roll it out, plug it in, and set your preferred time and temperature. It begins heating up in minutes as the far infrared heating element gets to work. If you’re on a budget and looking for a cheaper option – check this one out.






The SCROW infrared and red light pad rolls out just like any other infrared mat. The red lights are clearly visible on the surface of the pad when in operation. The SGROW feels smooth and is comfortable to lie on – the lights and electrical components beneath the surface will not cause discomfort for most people. 

It is compact and lightweight enough to be taken on the road if needed. The mat can be easily rolled up and returned to the box it came in for safe storage and transport. It doesn’t come with a carry bag like other infrared mats on this list.


The pad demonstrates good workmanship and looks pretty slick when its red light array is fully lit up. We measured the dimensions of the blanket as being 63” * 27” inches. And, it weighs in at 9.6 pounds.

  • Size: 63” x 27.5” x 1” inches
  • Weight: 9.6 pounds


The SGROW mat combines both infrared heating technology and red light therapy. If you want to introduce red light into your heating mat – this could be a good option for you. Red light therapy is used for its potential ability to heal the body.

Direct exposure to red light may help repair and heal skin and muscle tissue. This mat has been designed to deliver both red light and near infrared light energy. Red light is a source of near infrared light – a source of light that is invisible to the human eye.


The SGROW mat has a total of 1260 LED cells spread across the surface of the mat. These lights deliver red light therapy at two wavelengths – 660 nm and 850 nm. There are 1008 660nm LED pieces and 252 850 nm LEDs. 

It is believed that 660 nm red light is absorbed by skin tissue and has a positive effect on skin healing and health. 850 nm red light is believed to penetrate more deeply into tissue providing a more deeply felt healing effect, such as muscle healing and reducing inflammation. 


The SGROW pad comes pre-programmed with six operating modes. Using the handheld controller you can choose between any of the following red light and infrared combinations.

  • Red Light – only
  • Infrared Light – only
  • Red Light & Infrared Light – in combination
  • Red Light Pulsed – only
  • Infrared Light Pulsed – only
  • Pulsed Red Light & Infrared Light – in combination

The handheld controller can also be used to set a time duration. Once the time has been reached, the SGROW mat automatically shuts off. You can choose from a 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes session. 


The SGROW heating pad delivers dual therapy technologies – red light and infrared. The surface of the mat is fitted with over 1,200 red light-emitting LED pieces. And, they deliver light at dual frequencies of 660 nm and 850 nm. 

There is also an option to generate near infrared heat if you want some heat therapy thrown in the mix. If it’s an infrared heat session your after, this is not the mat for you. It doesn’t come equipped with far infrared heat and does not reach the same heat levels as the best infrared heating mats on this list.

However, the red light therapy will pique the interest of many and offers something many infrared mats do not. There are six operating modes to choose from and the red light and infrared functions can be used separately or in tandem. 

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As a native Swede, Magnus developed a deep fascination with the art of sauna bathing from an early age.  Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Småland Sweden, he grew up in a family where sauna was deeply embedded in the community and daily routine.  He graduated from Linnaeus University with a Master of Science in Health Science with a special focus on the “Comparative Analysis of Traditional Saunas vs. Infrared Saunas”.

Moving to the United States in his late twenties, Magnus worked as a health and fitness advisor in a well-known spa and wellness retreat in Malibu California.  Over the next 12 years he became the spa’s leading sauna consultant and mentored colleagues on the benefits and applications of sauna therapy.

In 2019 he relocated to Florida to open his own wellness retreat in the Tampa Bay area.  Here he continues to inspire others with the restorative power of sauna therapy. In 2020, he became senior editor of Home Sauna Heaven where he shares his deep understanding of infrared sauna and offers expert advice on its applications, benefits, and periodic product reviews.

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