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We review the Best Outdoor Saunas of 2024.  Check out our independent reviews and outdoor sauna buyer’s guide below.  We’ll take you through everything you need to know about buying an outdoor sauna for your home.


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Choosing the best outdoor sauna for your home can be a daunting process. Buying an outdoor sauna can become a time-consuming process, with a seemingly endless range of saunas to choose from and an overload of information and product descriptions.

outdoor sauna in the snow

To help you navigate the outdoor sauna world we’ve created a buyer’s guide. This guide will help you focus on your needs and allow you to easily find the ideal outdoor sauna for your home. Here’s what you need to know, see below.


What are the different types of outdoor sauna? The four main types of outdoor sauna are – traditional sauna, infrared sauna, steam sauna, and hybrid sauna. Each of these can be further broken down based on its design and shape.

Outdoor saunas come in all shapes and sizes and can be built as cabin saunas, barrell saunas, thermowood saunas, cube saunas, panorama saunas, corner saunas, oval saunas, and pod saunas. For a full breakdown see Types of Outdoor Sauna – Complete Guide.


What size sauna are you looking for? You can get outdoor saunas in a wide range of sizes, from single-person capacity right up to super-seized eight-person saunas. However, the most common outdoor sauna sizes are 2, 3, and 4-person capacity.

Two-person saunas are ideal for one or two people. If you intend on using the sauna on your own – we recommend going for a 2-person device for a little extra comfort and room. Then if a friend or family member wished to join you – they can jump right in.

Three and four-person outdoor saunas are great if you want to get additional family members or a group of friends in there. Sauna comes with a wide range of health and relaxation benefits. But the social interaction and enjoyment of a shared experience are often overlooked.


Whatever size sauna to choose to go for – you need to ensure you have available outdoor space to accommodate the device. It’s time to get the tape measure out. You’ll need to carefully measure the dimensions of the space you plan to use to house the sauna.

Then, compare the available space against the dimensions of the sauna you have in mind. Do you have enough outdoor space? Below is a table comparing the most common outdoor sauna sizes for a general overview.

Outdoor Sauna Sizes Dimensions


What’s your budget? As with any significant home goods investment you’ll need to consider your budget and the prices of saunas available in your category. There are two expenses to consider when shopping for an outdoor sauna – the price of the sauna and the installation costs.

The price of the sauna should be clearly advertised by the retailer. Make sure the price includes the sauna heater and not just the cabin. As for installation costs, you’ll need to ask some questions.

Reach out to the manufacturer and establish what installation will need to be completed. Then get a quote from a qualified tradesman for the installation works.


Pay particular attention to the materials of construction. The best outdoor saunas are made from red cedar wood, Nordic spruce, Canadian hemlock, and basswood. You should prioritize quality over price when assessing the materials used.

Aim for a sauna that’s built to last and will stand the test of time outside in your garden or backyard. You should also pay particular attention to the type of heater.

This is the single most important piece of equipment in your sauna. Do some research, read the reviews, and make sure you are investing in a quality piece of equipment.


Where do you live? You need to consider your local climate when buying an outdoor sauna. If you live in an area that experiences harsh weather conditions and significant swings in seasonal conditions – you’ll need to prioritize sourcing a sauna that will stand the test of time in these conditions.

Also, if your region experiences very cold winters you should aim for a traditional outdoor sauna over an infrared sauna. Traditional saunas run at much higher temperatures and will feel more comfortable on a frosty winter’s evening.


man holding a drill and performing diy

What are the installation requirements? Most outdoor saunas require self-assembly. This means they’ll be shipped to you on a pallet and you’ll have to assemble the sauna on-site. Assembly takes time and a basic understanding of hand tools.

What about electrical and plumbing installation? Does the sauna require an electrical power source? If so, you’ll have to run a power line to the sauna location. Most people will have to hire an electrician to complete this task.

And, if you’re purchasing an outdoor steam room you may need to install a water purification unit for the steam generator.  You’ll need to take a moment to evaluate the models currently available on the market.


Depending on the area you live in – the installation of a sauna may fall under local authority regulations. It may be categorized as a new permanent building and be subject to building codes.

The last thing you want to do is install an outdoor sauna only to receive a legal notice or fine down the road. Reach out to your local and state authorities and find out if there are any official requirements or regulations you need to satisfy for your new outdoor sauna.


Do you want any special additional features? The best outdoor saunas come with a range of optional extras you can have added to personalize your sauna experience. Popular features you can choose from include color light therapy, remote access, built-in sound systems, and ergonomic backrests.

Color Light Therapy

Color light therapy, also known as chromotherapy, uses colored light to potentially boost mood, aid relaxation, and stimulate energy levels. The interior of the sauna cabin is fitted with LED lights that can be set to emit colors depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

Remote Access & Control

The best outdoor saunas come with apps and remote access that allow you to power on and off the sauna using your phone. This means you can preheat the sauna without having to physically go outside and access the control panel itself.

Bluetooth Sound System

A Bluetooth audio system allows you to connect your device and listen to music or podcasts while you relax in the sauna. Speakers are strategically fitted in the wall panels so you can sweat and listen to your favorite tunes all at the same time.

Ergonomic Back Rest

Another popular add-on is an ergonomic backrest. This timber frame is placed behind your back while you rest in the sauna and it is designed to shape and optimize spinal alignment while you rest.


An outdoor sauna is a considerable investment. And, if you are thinking about adding one to your home, you need to know the pros and cons. Below we run through the key advantages and disadvantages of an outdoor sauna. For a more detailed guide, check out the Benefits and Disadvantages of Outdoor Sauna.

outdoor pod sauna



An outdoor sauna allows you to sit back, relax, and work up a sweat in the great outdoors. What better way to get back in touch with nature than by enjoying a sauna session in your garden and backyard? And, when you need to cool down and you can step outside and enjoy some truly fresh air.


An outdoor sauna provides a private space you can escape to when you want to get away from the everyday stresses of life. It is a stand-alone, separate space and can be used as a retreat you can relax and unwind in when you feel the need to step outside.


Outdoor saunas come with all the same health and relaxation benefits as a regular sauna. Saunas have been enjoyed around the world for centuries for their potential health and relaxation benefits – such as system detox, skin cleansing, and cardiovascular stimulating benefits.


Placing your sauna outdoors means you will save space inside your home. Saunas are large devices and require significant space. If you live in a home with limited space – your options may be limited. You can free up your indoor space by opting for an outdoor sauna and placing it in your yard or garden.



The vast majority of outdoor saunas require onsite assembly. Assembling an outdoor sauna requires a basic knowledge of hand tools and will take several hours.

There are also installation requirements to be considered. Most out door saunas need an electrical connection. If you don’t already have one, you’ll have to have an electrical power source installed in your yard.


Outdoor saunas are exposed to the elements. And, if you live in a region that experiences harsh weather conditions – the sauna cabin can suffer damage over the years. Although outdoor saunas are designed to withstand most weather conditions, you may need to perform periodic maintenance over the years to prevent deterioration.


Outdoor saunas require a considerable amount of free space. Not all homes have gardens or yards that can accommodate a sauna cabin. A typical 2-person sauna measures 58” x 41” x 96” inches. While a larger 4-person cabin will need 78” x 68” x 96” inches of free space.



Redwood Outdoor Sauna Review



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Redwood Outdoor Barrel Sauna features overview and pros and cons

The Redwood Outdoors 6-Person Cedar is the best outdoor sauna of 2024. It is constructed using traditional Canadian red cedar for an authentic feel and look, is equipped with a Harvia sauna heater, can accommodate up to six individuals, and tops out at a temperature of 195°F (90°C). 

If you are looking for a barrel sauna that looks great, packs a punch, and delivers intense heat – the Redwood Outdoors Cedar could be right up your street.


Inside Redwood Outdoor sauna


The sauna cabin is made using 100% grade-A Canadian red cedar timber – an excellent choice for a sauna. Red cedar is weather resistant and treated with care will last many years. And, it gives the barrel cabin an attractive traditional appearance that will complement any home. 


The barrel measures almost 6 feet long and has a single bench on either side running the full length of the interior. The heater is wall mounted on the back-facing wall and a glass door is positioned on the front. The sauna has an elegant Scandinavian charm. 


The barrel cabin is constructed using tongue and groove staves that allow for expansion and contraction as the sauna heats up and cools down. The staves are wrapped in stainless steel bands and fasteners that hold them tightly in place and minimize heat loss. 

A support cradle holds the barrel in place and lifts the sauna off the ground. This delivers stability to the curved structure and insulates the cabin from the cold ground below. 


The sauna is delivered in pre-cut tongue and grooved pieces – and requires home assembly. It doesn’t require any specialist DIY skills or tools but two sets of hands are recommended. You will need a screwdriver, spirit level, drill, hammer, rubber mallet, and an adjustable wrench. The task takes between 4 and 6 hours and is guided by a user manual and video.

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The Redwood Outdoors Cedar Barrel is a 6-person sauna. The interior benches measure 64” inches long. Assuming you have three people sitting next to each other on each bench – this allows 21” inches of space per person. For a more comfortable and relaxing experience, we recommend limiting use to just 4 people at a time.

redwood outdoor sauna heater

The barrel measures 76.5” inches high – taking into account the supporting cradle. And, it has a cross-section of approximately 73” inches at its widest point. See below for detailed interior and exterior dimensions.

  • Interior Dimensions: 64” x 64” x 69” inches approx (height x length x width in inches)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 76.5” x 71” x 73” inches approx (height x length x width in inches)
  • Weight: 900 lbs


The barrel outdoor sauna comes equipped with a Harvia heater. Harvia, based in Finland, is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of sauna heaters. And, when you order the Redwood Outdoors cedar barrel you get to choose from one of three types.

  • Harvia KIP 6kW Electric Heater
  • Harvia KIP 8kW Electric Heater
  • Harvia M3 Wood Burning Stove

The heaters reach a maximum operating temperature of 195°F inside 60 minutes and are designed to be enjoyed as either dry or wet heat. For wet heat, ladle water onto the hot coals. The wood-burning stove adds a little magic to the sauna experience – with the crackling of burning timber and a truly authentic feel.

redwood outdoor sauna benches


The sauna comes as standard with a cradle, head and backrest, towel rack, water bucket and ladle, and a stack of sauna rocks. Optional extras include roof shingles, a flat flooring kit, a chimney kit, adjustable sauna recliner, and an outdoor shower. An additional cost applies to all optional extras.


Add a black asphalt shingles roof to protect your barrel sauna from the elements and keep water out. A shingles roof will prolong the life of the sauna.


This kit allows you to convert the round-bottomed floor of the barrel into a flat surface for comfort.


The chimney kit is recommended for use with the Harvia M3 wood-burning stove. The kit comes with a chimney, chimney cap, and floor & wall heat guards.


Add an adjustable sauna recliner for added support and comfort while you relax and take in the heat. The backrest is ergonomically curved and height adjustable. 


An outdoor sauna allows you to step outside the sauna and straight into a refreshing cold shower. Great for people that like to rapidly move between hot and cold.


The wooden barrel sauna comes with a 1-year limited warranty. And, the Harvia electric heaters and wood-burning stoves are also covered by a 1-year limited warranty. The sauna is shipped on a wooden crate – throughout all of the United States. The crate measures 85” x 45 ½” x 28 ½” (length x width x height). 


The Redwood Outdoors 6-person cedar is the best outdoor sauna on the market today. It is constructed using 100% grade-A Canadian red cedar wood – arguably the best timber choice for a sauna. 

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The barrel is fitted together using tongue and groove staves that assemble easily, hold in place, and allow for expansion as the cabin heats. Steel fasteners hold everything in place and a cradle is used to house the barrel and prevent it from rolling. 

It comes with a choice of electric or wood-burning Harvia stove – the king of sauna heaters. And, it reaches a highly impressive 195°F maximum temperature. It is available to order throughout the United States and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 




  • Excellent Performance
  • Durable Heat-Treated Wood
  • Outdoor Thermal Insulation
  • Full Spectrum Infrared
  • Chromotherapy Enabled
  • 6-Year Warranty

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The Sun Home Luminar Outdoor 2 person infrared sauna is the best outdoor infrared sauna 2024. It performs superbly and has a compact design that will complement most gardens and outdoor spaces.

sun home luminar outdoor infrared sauna pros and cons overview

Many outdoor infrared saunas struggle to perform in an outdoor environment. They run at lower temperatures compared to traditional saunas – and this means they don’t reach optimal operating temperature during cold weather.

Not the Sun Home Luminar Outdoor. Some clever design features, thermal insulation, and the use of highly durable carbonized wood make it an excellent choice for enjoying an outdoor sauna session.


If you want to experience the best infrared sauna has to offer, then you need to choose a sauna that generates full-spectrum infrared heat. And, the Sun Home Luminar Outdoor does just that. This sauna packs a real heat punch and comes fitted with a combination of full-spectrum and far-infrared (FIR) heaters.

sauna interior showing bench and heater layout

The heaters are strategically mounted inside the cabin to provide optimal exposure and maximum heating effect. The Sun Home Luminar Outdoor employs three far infrared heaters under the bench to heat your legs and lower body. And, there are six full-spectrum heaters positioned at a higher level around the cabin interior.


Another key quality that makes this outdoor sauna stand out from the competition is its durability. Some clever design and engineering techniques have been used to make sure the sauna stands the test of time, a vital characteristic when considering outdoor use.

The Sun Home Luminar Outdoor has been constructed using highly durable carbonized wood. The thermal modification process changes the wood’s chemical composition and makes it more resistant to weathering and decay. And, it increases its thermal insulation performance. More on this below.


The sauna uses a dual wood construction for increased thermal insulation. This helps keep the heat on the inside and the cold on the outside. The cabin interior is made from cedar. This provides an authentic and visually pleasing appearance. Cedar is one of the most popular wood choices for sauna construction, and for good reason.

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The exterior of the cabin is made from Grade-A carbonized wood. This wood provides a thermal insulation layer that allows the sauna to reach the temperatures you need to work up a sweat. The timber is kiln and air-dried to reduce warping and minimize the chances of cracking. And, the glass wall and door use double pane glass to boost insulation.


Now we know how the sauna performs and how it’s made, let’s take a look at the features that come as standard with the Sun Home Luminar Outdoor 2-person sauna. These really make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Chromotherapy

The sauna comes equipped with medical-grade chromotherapy. This means you can select light color to reflect your mood and help you relax.

  • Panoramic View

The cabin has a full-sized all-glass wall and a glass door for a panoramic view. Greta news if you want to connect with the outdoors and enjoy a stunning scenic view.

  • Bluetooth Sound System

There’s also a Bluetooth sound system that lets you connect your device. This way you can unwind while you listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts.

  • Remote Control Operation

And, finally, there’s a remote control operation system. Download the Luminar mobile app and control the sauna remotely. This is a great feature for pre-heating the sauna before you use it.

sun home luminar outdoor sauna front view


The Sun Home Luminar Outdoor is the best outdoor infrared sauna of 2024. It combines superb outdoor performance with excellent build quality and a range of crowd-pleasing features. This sauna comes with chromotherapy, Bluetooth audio, and remote operation as standard.

It has been constructed using carbonized wood to maximize outdoor durability and protect against weathering and decay. A dual wall construction and double pane glass provide thermal insulation. And, nine strategically placed heaters deliver both full-spectrum and FIR infrared heat.

It comes with free shipping, finance options, a limited 6-year warranty on the carbon heaters, and a 1-year warranty on all other components. This is the hands-down top outdoor infrared sauna on the market this year.

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Sauna Specifications

  • Width: 57″ inches
  • Depth: 51.5″ inches
  • Height: 82.7″ inches
  • Door Clearance: 24″ inches
  • Roof Overhang: 60″ x 65″ inches
  • Weight: 1,870 lbs
  • Bench Depth: 20″ inches
  • Interior Floor Area: 55″ X 27″ inches


redwood thermowood mini cube outdoor sauna redwood thermowood mini cube outdoor sauna - front view- front view


  • INTENSE HEAT (195°F)

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Sleek design, compact dimensions, and excellent performance. This sauna ticks all three boxes. It looks great, takes up very little space, and delivers a powerful sauna experience. The mini-cube is a two-person outdoor sauna that has been designed for use in an urban environment or garden area with limited space. Although it is small in size, it cuts no corners in terms of build quality or heat output. One for the purists.


Are you looking for a compact sauna that fits neatly within a small footprint? If you have limited outdoor space and want a compact sauna that delivers excellent performance – look no further. The Redwood mini-cube sauna is designed to accommodate two people and is perfect for urban spaces and small backyards.

redwood thermowood mini cube outdoor sauna - inside

It has an elegant design that will complement any home or outdoor area. And, its super neat dimensions mean it comfortably fits into the most modest of outdoor spaces. The mini-cube measures just 51” x 81” x 69” inches (width x height x depth) in size and weighs just 800 lbs. If space is at a premium, this could be the one for you.


It may be miniature in stature. But, this sauna packs a real punch. No corners have been cut when it comes to performance. The sauna is fitted with a Harvia electric heater. Great news if you want to generate some serious heat.

The sauna heats right up to 195°F (90°C) in under 60 minutes. An impressive high temperature. That means you and a friend or significant other can relax and enjoy an authentic Scandinavian sauna experience in the comfort of your own private outdoor setting.

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The Redwood mini-cube sauna thermowood sauna comes with a top-of-the-range electric Hariva heater. This is the gold standard among sauna heaters. If you want the best, opt for a Harvia. Made in Finland, Harvia is recognized as the global leader in sauna heaters.

Established in 1950, the company has an outstanding reputation for design and quality. You also get a wooden heat guard, water bucket, water ladle, and sauna rocks – to complete the package.


It has been constructed using thermowood. This is a special type of wood that has been treated using a heat treatment process to alter the wood’s chemical and physical properties. It makes the wood incredibly durable. And, ideal for use in an outdoor setting. This means the sauna will last many years if treated with care and dignity.


The sauna comes with the option of either a manual wall panel or remote WiFi operational capability. You’ll need to choose your preferred model when placing your order as you cannot upgrade or switch between either once they have been fitted.

redwood thermowood mini cube outdoor sauna - interior

The manual control unit has two dials, one for temperature and one for time. The time dial allows you to delay the start-up time by up to eight hours. This means you can set a start-up time that suits you and have the sauna hot and ready when you need to jump in.

The remote WiFi operation can be operated using a smartphone or tablet. This means you can power the unit on and off remotely. You can fire it up on your way home from work and the sauna will be ready to use as soon as you get in. You can also use the supplied digital pad that connects to the sauna over a local WiFi network.


The sauna is shipped on a wooden crate and is self-assembly. The crate measures 76” x 50” x 24” inches in dimension. It has been designed for simple on-site assembly and comes with an installation manual and instructional videos.

Individual elements are pre-cut and grooved and simply slot into place. No sawing, cutting, or power tools are required. The sauna has been designed to be assembled by anyone with basic DIY skills. And, the whole job takes approximately 4 hours. You may need to get an electrician in for the wiring and to install an outdoor power supply.


This is the ideal sauna for people with limited outdoor space. It looks great, performs incredibly well, and fits into the tightest of corners. If you’re looking for an authentic Scandinavian outdoor sauna, but have limited room in your yard or garden, look no further.

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It comes with an industry-leading Harvia sauna. And, it heats up to a sweltering 195°F in under 60 minutes. Great news for those who want an intense sweat session. The sauna can be controlled using a local manual operating panel, or you can choose the WiFi-enabled model for remote access. It has been constructed using durable thermowood and can be assembled on-site in as little as 4 hours.


Almost Heaven Salem 2 person Barrel Sauna



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The Almost Heaven Salem is the best 2-person outdoor sauna in 2024. It combines a compact design, excellent build quality, and reliable performance. If you want a small outdoor sauna that can accommodate two people – this could be just the one you’re looking for. Below we’ll take you through everything you need to know.

ALMOST HEAVEN 2 PERSON SALEM BARREL SAUNA key features overview pros and cons


Almost Heaven has been making barrel saunas for almost 40 years. The company is based in Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia and their range of outdoor saunas are USA made. If you’re looking for a sauna company with lots of experience – you won’t find much better.

The barrel is constructed using a ball-and-socket joining profile between the lumbar support. This structure allows the cabin to expand and contract as it heats up and cools down. And, the whole thing is securely held in place using a series of fasteners and stainless steel bands.

The barrel is supported on a plastic polymer cradle that holds the sauna in place and lifts it off the ground. This prevents ground moisture from seeping into the base of the sauna and also helps insulate from cold ground temperatures.

The interior of the barrel is fitted with LED lights. The lights are energy efficient and require a 110 volt, 15 amp power source. If you choose an option with a glass door or rear-facing window – the glass will be tempered.


The Salem barrel 2-person sauna is available in three timber options – rustic fir, rustic cedar, or clear cedar. And, the timber panels measure an impressive 1 ⅜” inches thick, which delivers reliable heat insulation.

Almost Heaven Salem 2 person Barrel Sauna - sauna interior


Fir is a great choice for people looking for an authentic nordic sauna. This choice of timber is light in color and is very popular in Scandanavia. Fir saunas have a clean, fresh look and are patterned with occasional knots in the panels.


The rustic cedar option adds a little color to the cabin. This timber option has a warm red hue – a very popular choice of lumber for saunas in North America. Cedar is an excellent wood for sauna construction.


Clear cedar is a premium lumber choice. It has similar properties to rustic cedar but has an absence of knots. This means the timber panels have no noticeable wood knot patterns.

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The Almost Heaven Salem barrel sauna has a compact design. It’s ideal for people that have limited available outdoor space. The sauna can accommodate 1 or 2 people at a time and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. This means its compact design makes it a great addition to a home gym.

The sauna has an exterior footprint of 47” x 72” inches and it stands 77” inches high. Note, the cradle adds an additional 6” inches to the height of the cabin.

The interior dimensions measure 71″ x 39″ x 71″ inches (width x depth x height). Inside, two benches run the length of the interior – one on either side. The benches measure 39” inches long, 18” inches deep, and stand 17” inches high.

  • Interior Dimensions: 71″ x 39″ x 71″ inches (width x depth x height)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 72″ x 47″ x 77″ inches (width x depth x height)
  • Bench Dimensions: 18″ x 39″ x 17″ inches (width x length x height)
  • Cradle Dimensions: 54″ x 6″ inches
  • Shipping Weight: 540 lbs

The sauna is a great fit for 2 people as long as you don’t mind sitting close together on either side of the barrel. There is plenty of room for sitting and relaxing, but the benches are not long enough to lay flat and stretch out.


The sauna is fitted with a Harvia sauna heater and comes complete with a stack of sauna stones. The 4.5kW heater requires a 240V, 30-amp electrical connection. And, the good news – it performs superbly.

You can expect a maximum sauna temperature of 175-185°F – in most operating environments. However, if you live in a particularly cold climate, we recommend upgrading to the more powerful 6kW Harvia heater.

The heaters come equipped with an easy-to-use control panel. There’s even a setting that allows you to delay pre-heating by up to 8 hours. And, the heater can be used for either a dry or wet sauna session. If you want to introduce a little steam, just ladle some cold water over the hot sauna stones.


The Almost Heaven Salem 2-person barrel sauna has several optional upgrades to choose from. Depending on how you want to use your outdoor sauna you can customize the rear vista window, heater type, door style, type of timber, and LED lighting.

Almost Heaven Salem 2 outdoor Sauna


A rear-facing window can be installed on the rear end of the sauna above the heater. This is great for homes that want to make the most of an impressive view. The window measures 20” x 36” inches in size and is made using 3/8” inch thick glass.


The Salem comes with a 4.5kW Harvia heater as standard. If you want more heating power you can upgrade to a 6kW unit.


You can tailor your sauna door by choosing from either an all-wood, wood with a window, fading glass, or deluxe glass sauna door.


You can upgrade the standard LED lighting ensemble to mood lighting for an ambient lighting effect.


You can choose from one of three types of timber for your barrel sauna – rustic fir, rustic cedar, or clear cedar – see above for details.


The Salem comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the sauna cabin, a 5-year limited lifetime warranty on the heater and its parts, and a 1-year warranty on the heating elements. Almost Heaven ship saunas through the United States. If you live outside the US you will have to contact one of the company’s international partners.


The Almost Heaven Salem barrel sauna is our runner-up for best outdoor sauna 2024.  The company are US based and has been making saunas for almost 40 years. If you want a sauna that performs well and takes up very little space – the Salem is an excellent choice.

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The barrel is constructed using a secure ball-and-socket mechanism that locks the timber frames in place while allowing them to expand and contract as the sauna changes temperature. There are three lumber options to choose from – rustic fir, rustic cedar, and clear cedar – each offering a distinct appearance and set of characteristics.

The sauna comes equipped with a 4.5kw Harvia electric heater that performs well and reaches temperatures of up to 185°F. However, if you need more heating power you can upgrade to a 6.0kw unit – a good choice for people living in colder climates.

Optional extras allow you to tailor the Salem to your individual needs and include a rear-facing vista window, a more powerful heater, door style, mood lighting, and preferred timber of construction. The sauna requires onsite assembly which will take two people – approximately six hours.  It’s our runner-up in the best outdoor sauna 2-person category.


forever saunas barrel sauna 4 person




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The Forever Saunas barrel sauna is the best 4-person outdoor sauna on the market in 2024. It combines high-end workmanship, quality natural materials, and an impressive design to deliver an unforgettable sauna experience.

Forever Saunas 4-Person Barrel overview and review

The stunning panoramic all-glass front fills the sauna with daylight and allows you to connect with the great outdoors while you relax and unwind inside. We love this sauna – it excels in terms of design, construction, and performance.


This Forever Saunas barrel sauna is made from weather-resistant thermo-treated wood. The timber of choice for the barrel exterior is durable lightweight spruce. It looks great and has a traditional look that complements its surroundings. The spruce is held in place using stainless steel bands for stability and durability.

Inside the cabin, aspen wood is used for the benches. Aspen is a great choice for a sauna exterior. This wood doesn’t overheat and feels good against the skin. The door is made from bronze tempered glass and sits in an all-glass panoramic front panel. And, the roof of the sauna is covered with a protective layer of black shingles.


One of the most striking features of this sauna is its all-glass front panel. This fills the sauna interior with natural daylight and has the effect of bringing the outside – in. If you want to reconnect with nature, enjoy the great outdoors, or survey a stunning view while you relax in a sauna – the Forever Saunas 4 person barrel sauna could be just what you’re looking for.

forever saunas barrel sauna 4 person glass front

Many outdoor saunas can feel dark and confined on the inside. But, a full glass front opens this sauna up and soaks the cabin in light – for a bright and airy feel. It’s one of the sauna’s key selling points. And, two vents on the rear wall provide ventilation if required.

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This Forever Saunas barrel sauna performs superbly. The barrel design allows the cabin to heat up quickly and retain heat. With a choice of industry-leading sauna heaters, you can power the sauna as you see fit. And, you can rest assured that the sauna will hit the temperature heights you need to trigger an intense sweat.

The thermally treated spruce exterior means the sauna will stand up to the elements and will last many years if treated with care. And, it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. If you’re looking for an outdoor sauna to add to your home, great, you’ve found what you’re looking for. on the other hand, if you want to relocate it indoors – you have that option as well.


This best 4 person outdoor sauna comfortably accommodates four people. That means you can share the sauna experience with family and friends. Having said that it works well for 2 individuals if you want a little more bench space and enjoy stretching out while getting your sweat on.

There are two benches inside and they each measure 63” inches in length. Plenty of room for two people to sit side-by-side. See below for the overall sauna dimensions.

Sauna Dimensions

  • Height 84.6” inches
  • Width 80.7: inches
  • Depth: 70.9” inches


The sauna is heated using a stack of sauna stones and an electric heater. There’s a choice of 2 heaters – an industry-leading Harvia KIP and a HUUM Drop sauna heater. You can choose your preferred heating device and controller options when placing an order, see below.

  • Harvia KIP 8.0kW Heater + Stones
  • Harvia KIP 8.0kW Heater + Stones + WiFi Controller
  • HUUM Drop 9 + Sauna Stones, Safety Railing & Local Controller
  • HUUM Drop 9 + Sauna Stones, Safety Railing & WiFi Controller


Like all saunas on this list, the Forever Saunas barrel sauna requires on-site assembly. It is delivered as a prefabricated kit with a set of easy-to-follow assembly instructions. You’ll need two pairs of hands to get the sauna up and running, a little DIY know-how, and some basic tools.


The Forever Saunas 4 person barrel sauna is the best 4-person outdoor sauna in 2024. It combines excellent craftsmanship, durable materials, and superb performance to deliver a stand-out outdoor sauna that sits head and shoulders above the competition.

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Its all-glass front panel soaks the cabin in natural daylight, brings the outside in, and creates a memorable and deeply relaxing sauna experience. It’s available with a choice of Harvia or HUUM electric heaters and sauna stone stacks. There’s free shipping in the continental US and it comes with a free protective barrel rain jacket, ladle, and sauna bucket.


clearlight sanctuary outdoor 2 infrared sauna review





The Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 Full-Spectrum infrared sauna is a solid alternative to the Sun Home Luminar outdoor sauna. It is built using high-quality durable materials, is available in 2-person and 5-person capacities, and generates full spectrum infrared heat. Clearlight has been a world-leading infrared sauna manufacturer for over 20 years.

Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 infrared sauna key features pros and cons



The interior of the Clearlight Sanctuary outdoor infrared sauna is built using grade-A western red Canadian cedar wood. The timber is color matched before construction to optimize aesthetic appeal. The cedar is ecologically sourced and is Forest Stewardship Council certified.


The sauna exterior is built using weather-resistant, robust cedartek – an engineered durable wood. The panels are tongue and groove assembled and the double walls are insulated to keep the heat on the inside.


The sauna uses 8 mm thick tempered glass in the window and glass door panels. Insulation is paramount for outdoor infrared saunas as they do not generate the same levels of heat as a traditional sauna. Infrared saunas typically operate at 120°F compared to 150-180˚F of a traditional sauna.



The Clearlight Sanctuary OD2 is a 2-person outdoor sauna. The sauna seats two people side by side on a bench that runs the full length of the rear side of the sauna. The bench measures 54” x 22” inches. And, a stylish glass panel door sits on the front side of the sauna, opposite the bench.

  • Interior Dimensions: 54” x 49” x 70” inches (width x depth x height)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 57” x 52” x 80” inches (width x depth x height)
  • Weight: 772 lbs

Note: you’ll need to allow an additional 8.5” inches for the roof overhang.


The Clearlight outdoor sanctuary infrared sauna is also available in a 5-person variant. This sauna has larger dimensions but has a similar design and layout as the 2-person, see below for details.

  • Interior Dimensions: 77” x 47” x 72” inches (width x depth x height)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 83” x 52” x 80” inches (width x depth x height)
  • Weight: 1,050 lbs

Note: you’ll need to allow an additional 8.5” inches for the roof overhang.


The Clearlight Sanctuary is powered by True Wave II Carbon and Ceramic Heaters. The heaters are listed as producing infrared light largely in the 9.4 micron wavelength and as being low EMF and ELF. There are also two 500 watt full spectrum heaters positioned on either side of the door.


The infrared heaters are strategically positioned throughout the sauna to provide all-around coverage and maximize your exposure to infrared light energy. There is a large, full-width, heating panel at the rear covering your back area, another smaller infrared heater at ground level behind your lower legs, one on either side wall providing side coverage, and two front-facing heaters – one on either side of the door.


Infrared saunas run at lower temperatures compared to traditional saunas. They consume less power and are energy efficient. Energy costs vary from one region to another and from one supplier to the next. But, as a ballpark figure, you can expect the Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 to consume in the region of 50 cents of electricity per hour.


The outdoor Clearlight Sanctuary comes with some great extra features and an exciting range of optional add-ons that will appeal to many sauna users. As standard, the sauna comes equipped with Chromotherapy and a Bluetooth sound system – see below.


The sauna is equipped with a color chromotherapy light panel on the roof of the cabin interior. The light panel emits colored light to enhance relaxation and boost potential health benefits. Each light color is associated with a specific potential benefit.


A Bluetooth audio system comes as standard. It allows you to connect your device and listen to music or podcasts via a built-in speaker on the cabin roof.



For a little extra comfort, you can add an ergonomic rest that supports your back while you relax and enjoy the heat. The backrest is chiropractic designed and is freely moveable. You can add or remove it depending on your preference at any given time.


If you want to introduce red light therapy into your sauna you can add a red light therapy LED tower. The light tower emits a combination of red and near-infrared light to potentially boost muscle recovery and reduce inflammation.


The Halo One halotherapy salt diffuser is a device that grinds and diffuses salt into the sauna cabin during the session. Fans of halotherapy believe salt inhalation boosts the immune system and promotes respiratory health.


This optional add-on consists of two vibration resonance therapy (VRT) devices that attach to the underside of the bench. The VRT modules emit sound and vibrations that can be felt while relaxing on the bench. VRT therapy has a feel similar to a light touch massage.


The outdoor Clearlight Sanctuary sauna comes with a residential use, limited 5-year warranty for the cabin exterior, and a lifetime warranty for interior components. To validate the warranty you must use the sauna protective cover that is supplied with the sauna. The sauna cover is waterproof and provides additional protection from the elements.

The 2 person Clearlight Sanctuary outdoor sauna requires self-assembly on-site. And, it takes approximately 3 hours to assemble and install. You’ll need a couple of helpers and we recommend roping in two or three friends to get it up and running. The 5-person sauna comes with installation included in the price.


The Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 one of the top outdoor infrared saunas of 2024. It combines an excellent build, with solid performance, and high energy efficiency. If you want to introduce an infrared sauna to your garden area – this device could be right up your street.

It has a sleek elegant design that will stylishly complement its surroundings. The cabin interior is made from color-matched Canadian red cedar wood and the exterior from weather-resistant robust cedartek. And, it comes with a tailor-made waterproof cover to help protect it from the elements.

Infrared heat is generated using strategically placed carbon and ceramic heaters that provide all-round body coverage. The heaters are highly effective and will have you sweating in no time – provided you don’t live in an exceptionally cold climate.

Chromotherapy and Bluetooth audio are included as standard. And, there is an impressive range of optional extras including an ergonomic backrest, red light therapy towers, a halotherapy salt diffuser, and a pair of vibration resonance modules. If infrared sauna is your thing – the Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 is certainly worth a look.


Here’s a round-up of the questions we get asked when covering the best outdoor saunas and outdoor sauna reviews.

lady smiling and gesturing happily

Does An Outdoor Sauna Require Ventilation?

No, an outdoor sauna does not require ventilation. However, installing a vent can boost your overall sauna experience by providing the option to open a vent and introduce cold air if things get a little too hot.

Can An Infrared Sauna Be An Outdoor Sauna?

Yes, an infrared sauna can be an outdoor sauna. However, infrared saunas operate at much lower temperatures than traditional saunas. If you live in a cold climate an outdoor infrared sauna can feel cold. Adding additional insulation can boost the performance of an outdoor infrared sauna.

Does An Outdoor Sauna Have To Be Assembled?

Yes, the vast majority of outdoor saunas require on-site assembly. They are shipped in pre-fabricated parts that can be quickly and easily assembled on-site by following instructions. If you want a pre-assembled outdoor sauna you should contact your preferred manufacturer and express your interest.

Can You Use An Outdoor Sauna In The Winter?

Yes, you can use an outdoor sauna in the winter. In fact, this is many peoples’ favorite time to enjoy a hot sauna session. For winter use, choose an outdoor sauna with good insulation properties that allows it to easily reach optimal temperature.  Also, the best outdoor steam sauna works great during the winter.


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