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Can you bring a phone into a sauna? No, you should not take a phone into a sauna. The intense heat of a sauna can cause permanent damage to your phone battery and internal components. Also, using a phone in a sauna will negatively impact your ability to switch off, unwind, and fully relax. Furthermore, you may upset fellow sauna users if you’re using a shared sauna.


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No, you should not bring your phone into a sauna. Saunas are a place of relaxation where people like to completely switch off and unwind. Taking your phone into a sauna will impede your ability to disconnect and allow your body and mind to find a quiet and peaceful place. It will also distract and affect others that share the sauna with you.

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Furthermore, taking a phone into a sauna can damage your phone. And, we all want to keep our phones safe and in proper working order. Sauna cabins are intensely hot, with temperatures regularly above 175 °F (80 °C). This level of heat exposure will damage the internal components of your phone.

And finally, good sauna etiquette dictates that you should take your phone inside a sauna. The use of a phone in a shared sauna will frustrate most other users. It impedes people’s ability to disconnect from the outside world and completely unwind. And, it is also seen as an invasion of privacy – as most smartphones nowadays have high-quality cameras that record images and videos.


Using a phone in a sauna will damage your phone. This is the number one reason you should not take your phone inside. If you want to protect your phone and keep it safe – do not take it inside a sauna. A sauna is an intensely hot environment. A typical traditional sauna runs at a temperature of 160-175 °F (71-79° Celsius). This is way above and beyond the temperature, a phone can safely tolerate.

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Most phones have a maximum operating temperature of 95-113°F or 35-45°C. Anything above this can cause irreparable damage to the phone. And, sauna temperatures far exceed this upper limit. When the internal components of a phone overheat there are a range of parts that experience damage.

One of the most common problems is permanent damage to your phone battery. In extreme cases, batteries that overheat have been known to explode. Other serious problems relate to short-circuiting and permanent damage to crucial parts that result in a broken phone.


Furthermore, if you are using a steam sauna or steam room you will be entering an environment of high humidity – often 100% humidity. This is not a good place for any electronic device. Although most high-end phones come with a high water resistance rating – you may still experience water damage.

Some phones even have internal moisture sensors that trigger once they come into contact with water. And, once these sensors are triggered your warranty is voided. Our advice is – do not take your phone into a steam room.


Damage to your phone is not your only concern. If you’re using a shared sauna in a gym or spa facility you need to consider other users. And, have no doubt, other sauna users will be displeased if you take a phone into a sauna.

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Whenever you use a sauna you need to consider the accepted etiquette. What should you wear? Can you strike up a conversation? Many facilities have a clear set of public sauna rules that outline exactly what can and cannot be done in their sauna. And, taking a phone in a sauna is not a good idea.

But, even if it is not expressly prohibited in the sauna rules, you should consider the negative impact it will have on your fellow users. Most people spend time in a sauna to switch off and completely relax. If someone takes a phone inside this is going to cause a distraction and stifle people’s ability to unwind.

You also need to consider the privacy of others. Sauna users tend to wear very little clothing. Usually, just a bathing suit, swimwear, or a towel. For obvious reasons, taking a camera phone into a sauna environment will make others uncomfortable. Just don’t do it. For more, check out our full guide to Proper Sauna Etiquette.


Saunas are meant to be an oasis of calm. Somewhere you can get away from the everyday world and completely switch off. They are an excellent place to unwind and allow your body and mind to deeply relax. If you want to get the most out of your sauna session you should leave your phone outside.

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We’re all guilty of spending far too much time on our phones. Whether it’s catching up with social media, watching funny cat videos, or posting pics of our latest adventure for friends and family to see. But do we really need to stay connected while relaxing in a sauna?

A typical sauna session lasts anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Surely we can separate from our phones and social media for this brief period and be present in the sauna experience. Our advice is to allow the sauna to have your full attention. This way you can experience the best of its relaxation and health benefits.


Can you take your phone into an infrared sauna? No, you cannot take a phone into an infrared sauna. Although infrared saunas are not as hot as traditional saunas, they are still hot enough to cause permanent damage to your phone.

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Infrared saunas use invisible infrared light energy to generate heat. They operate within a temperature range of 120-130 °F. This is well above the recommended 95-113°F upper limit for a smartphone. Taking a phone into an infrared sauna can cause permanent damage.



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What about an iPhone? Can you take an iPhone into a sauna? No, you cannot take an iPhone into a sauna. Just like any other type of phone, an iPhone cannot tolerate the intense heat of a sauna. They will become damaged as the excessive levels of heat wear and damage internal components.


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There are three types of sauna – traditional dry sauna, infrared sauna, and steam room. Each of these operates within a specific temperature range – with traditional being the hottest and steam room the coolest.

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A traditional dry sauna operates at a temperature of 150-190 °F (65-87° Celsius). This is well above the recommended 95-113°F (35-45°C) safe operating temperature for a phone. Traditional saunas are the hottest of the three different types of saunas. If you don’t want to damage your phone, don’t take it into a traditional sauna.


Infrared saunas operate within a temperature range of 120-130 °F (49-55° Celsius). Although this is a much lower level of heat compared to a traditional sauna, it is still above the recommended temperature for a phone. Taking a phone into an infrared sauna will result in permanent damage.


Steam rooms operate at much lower temperatures. A typical steam room has an operating temperature of 90-120 °F (32-49° Celsius). This means most steam rooms contain enough heat to cause permanent damage to a phone. They are also humid environments, with 100% humidity. This means your phone could also suffer moisture damage if you take it into a steam room.


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