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Infrared sauna blankets are a great way of experiencing the benefits of sauna in the comfort of your own home. To get the most out of a sauna blanket you should clean it regularly. Regular cleaning keeps it in optimal condition and prolongs the lifespan of the device by removing debris and microbes. And, the good news is – cleaning a sauna blanket is incredibly easy. Just follow our step-by-step guide below on how to clean a sauna blanket.

How to Clean a Sauna Blanket – 7 Simple Steps

Cleaning an infrared sauna blanket is super easy. You don’t need any fancy cleaning solutions or scrubbing products. And, the whole process will be completed in minutes. If you have a sauna blanket, refer to the manufacturer’s user manual for specific instructions on how to clean your device. Below are general guidelines on how to clean a sauna blanket. Although these guidelines hold true for most devices – you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your sauna blanket.

1: Switch Off the Sauna Blanket

The first step in cleaning an infrared sauna blanket is switching off the device. Once you’re finished your sauna session, climb out, and power the device off. Then, disconnect the power lead to ensure there is no electrical power making its way to the device. You don’t want to get a nasty shock when you’re wiping the blanket down.

2: Allow to Cool Down

Once the device has been powered down you need to allow time for the blanket to cool down. The best way to do this is to completely open it up so that all the internal surfaces are laying face up on the floor. Exposing the heated interior is the easiest way to cool the device rapidly. Allow at least 15 minutes for the heating elements to adjust to room temperature

3: Prepare a Cleaning Solution

While you are waiting for the blanket to cool down you will have some time to prepare a cleaning solution. Refer to your user manual for specific instructions for the blanket you own. However, in general, the following solutions can be used to clean an infrared sauna blanket.

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• Cleaning Solutions You Can Use

You’ll want to choose a cleaning solution that is effective in removing dirt, and grime, and killing microbes. But, you also need to choose a solution that is not so strong that it damages the fabric used to make the blanket. Mild household cleaners work well, as long as they are watered down with warm water.

  • Gentle Non-Toxic Soap (mixed with warm water)
  • Gentle Non-Toxic Household Cleaner (mixed with warm water)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Solution (3 parts water, 1 part vinegar)
  • Antibacterial Spray

Cleaning Solutions You Can’t Use

Avoid using strong cleaning solutions that can damage the blanket materials. Do not use anything that contains bleach, alcohol, or corrosive chemicals. These solutions will cause irreparable damage to the blanket and may void your warranty

  • Bleach
  • Alcohol
  • Corrosive Chemicals

4: Mop Up Residual Sweat

You should begin your cleaning routine by using a clean dry towel to mop up any sweat that’s present on the blanket interior. Using a gentle wiping or dobbing motion to mop up the moisture to avoid scratching or damaging the blanket surface. Once you have the sweat removed you can toss the towel into your laundry basket.

5: Apply Your Cleaning Solution

Next up, is applying your cleaning solution. To apply your chosen solution you should use a gentle sponge or a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can place the solution into a spray bottle and spray the entire interior surface of the blanket. Either way, spend some time rubbing the cleaning agent across the interior blanket surface – making sure all areas are contacted.

This action will ensure dust, debris, and microbes are removed from the blanket and restore its freshness. When you’re done you can begin removing the cleaning agent using a damp sponge or soft cloth and some water. Make sure all suds and cleaning solution are removed before finishing up.

6: Allow to Air Dry

Once cleaning is complete you’ll need to allow the blanket time to dry before packing it away. As covered in Step 2, you should leave the sauna blanket completely open with the wet surface facing upwards. It will take a little longer to dry this time around as the device has cooled down and you’re relying on ambient air temperature to perform the heavy lifting. For best results, leave the blanket sitting in this position for 1-2 hours. Then run your finger over it to check for moisture. If you notice any dampness, leave it to dry for a further 1-2 hours.

7: Packing Away

Once the blanket has fully dried you can fold it up and pack it away. The best way to fold the blanket is to return it to the shape you received it in when it was first unboxed. Fold it gently along the same lines and place it in the storage bag if it was delivered with one. The best sauna blankets come with a handy storage bag that can be used to pack the device away or take it on the road if you choose to do so.

How Often Should a Sauna Blanket Be Cleaned?

Ideally, an infrared sauna blanket should be cleaned after each use. This will keep it in the best possible sanitary and operating condition. And, it means it will be fresh and ready to go the next time you roll it out for your next session.

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That said, sometimes the blanket will be relatively clean after use. There may be little or no sweat present inside the blanket when you climb out. This is especially true if you’ve used a sauna blanket insert or limited your session to less than 15 minutes.

In this case, you may choose to give the blanket a wipe-down instead of a full clean. To wipe the blanket clean begin by powering off the unit and unplugging from the electrical socket. Then, allow the device to cool down naturally.

Once it has cooled down you should use a clean dry towel to wipe down the internal surfaces of the blanket. This will remove any minor perspiration that has gathered inside the blanket. When you’ve finished you can pack up the blanket and place it in storage until next time, see below.

How to Store an Infrared Sauna Blanket

To store an infrared blanket, begin by making sure it has cooled down and is fully dry. Blankets that are still warm should never be folded and packed away. Similarly, damp blankets should not be folded up as this traps moisture in place and can cause microbial growth – such as mold and mildew.

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Take a moment to ensure the device is completely dry and has cooled down. Then, start folding the blanket as outlined in your manufacturer’s user manual. For most devices, this will involve replicating the folding technique the device was in when you first unboxed it. Fold the blanket gently and avoid twisting or pulling motions to protect the heating element contained within the blanket walls.

Then, place the blanket inside the carry bag it was supplied with. Most infrared sauna blankets are supplied with a handy carry bag that works well for storage. It protects the blanket from bumps and scratches. And, it keeps everything in one place so you can easily grab it when you next want to enjoy a sauna session.

The blanket will fit neatly below a bed or in the bottom of a wardrobe. However, take care not to place anything on top of the sauna blanket. Heavy objects could damage the structure of the device. And finally, make sure it is kept away from moisture and extremes of temperature.

Using a Sauna Blanket Insert

Have you tried using a sauna blanket insert? These inserts wrap around your body and insulate you from direct contact with the hot surface of a sauna wrap. They are specially designed for use with a sauna blanket.

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They feel great against the skin and do a great job at soaking up a sweat during your session. If you use an insert you may notice you don’t have to clean the blanket after each use. They’re great for protecting and keeping internal surfaces clean. For more, check out – What Is a Sauna Blanket Insert?


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