• Senior Editor at Home Sauna Heaven

Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Småland Sweden, an area steeped in the culture of traditional sauna. And, he developed a fascination with the art of sauna bathing from an early age. As a native Swede, he grew up in a family where sauna was deeply embedded in the community and daily routine. And, he took to it like a duck to water.

Magnus graduated from the prestigious Linnaeus University with a Master of Science in Health Science. In his final year, he specialized in the “Comparative Analysis of Traditional Saunas vs. Infrared Saunas”. He was on his way to developing a deep understanding of sauna, its effects, and how to best enjoy it.

In his late twenties, he moved to the United States where he initially worked as a health and fitness advisor in a well-known spa and wellness retreat in Malibu California. He specialized in immersive fitness and mindfulness programs with a focus on the use of both traditional and infrared sauna. He became the spa’s leading sauna consultant and mentored colleagues on the benefits and applications of sauna therapy.

In 2019 he relocated to Florida to open his own wellness retreat. He established himself in the Tampa Bay area where he continues to inspire others with the restorative power of sauna therapy. In 2020, he became senior editor of Home Sauna Heaven where he shares his deep understanding of infrared sauna and offers expert advice on its applications, benefits, and periodic product reviews.

Magnus is a key sports fan. And, at weekends he enjoys attending Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL games at the Raymond James Stadium with his two sons. He’s a big Baker Mayfield fan and is dreaming of another Superbowl win to back up Tom Brady’s success in the 2020 season.


• Sauna Specialist

Meet Jake, a man with a passion for sauna therapy. Jake’s background is in science. And, his passion is wellness and basketball. Growing up in Orlando Florida, Jake enrolled in Florida International University where he graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences.

As a young man, he worked in the spa and wellness center at the renowned Breakers Palm Beach luxury hotel. Here he developed his skills and understanding of client-centered wellness delivery. Upon graduating from FIU he took up a research position focusing on the application and practical effects of steam therapy.

His research has contributed to advancing the understanding of steam sauna therapy and how it can be applied in the occupational health environment. His work in this area has been officially recognized for its impact on the field.

Jake is a devoted fan of the Orlando Magic basketball team. When not working and advancing his research he enjoys attending games at the Kia Center in downtown Orlando. He also likes to remain active in his local sports community and volunteers as a basketball coach for his local youth team.

With his background in scientific research and passion for wellness, Jake is a valuable addition to the Home Sauna Heaven writer’s team where he shares his knowledge and understanding of sauna therapy, steam sauna therapy, and how they can be used for best effect.


• Allied Health Specialist

Meet Amy, a dedicated advocate of sport, fitness, and the application of infrared sauna therapy. Originally from Texas, she moved to the Sunshine State at an early age. Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, she enrolled in the University of Tampa where she graduated with a BS Degree in Allied Health and a MS in Athletic Training.

Amy’s expertise lies in infrared sauna therapy, with a special focus on the synergistic effects of infrared sauna in combination with traditional therapies. She has a passion for exploring and developing innovative approaches to wellness enhancement and injury recovery.

Amy began her journey as a swimming coach at the YMCA Aquatic Center in Central Florida. Here she developed a passion for applying her sporting knowledge to help individuals achieve their goals. Transitioning to a role more closely aligned with her allied health and athletic training degrees, she delved into the field of infrared sauna therapy. She has been instrumental in pioneering the use of infrared sauna in rehabilitation and injury recovery.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Amy is actively involved in a community-based soup kitchen where she helps support her local homeless community. In her free time, she enjoys cycling and exploring her local national parks, including Biscayne Park, Big Cypress, and the Everglades.


• Health & Wellness Consultant

Ellie is a fully trained and highly skilled massage therapist. Hailing from sunny Florida, she brings a wealth of expertise to the health and wellness realm. She holds a LST qualification in Massage Therapy from the esteemed Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences and specializes in techniques that promote relaxation and healing.

Her experience extends beyond massage and encompasses a diverse range of therapies including infrared sauna. She developed her expertise at the Equinox Sports Club in San Francisco and has led sessions in pilates fusion, outdoor run clubs, and vinyasa yoga. Ellie is highly regarded for her ability to tailor treatments to individual needs.

When not immersed in the world of holistic wellness and local sports and fitness clubs she enjoys exploring Florida’s natural beauty and participating in outdoor activities. With her unique blend of expertise, experience, and passion for wellness Ellie looks forward to helping you discover the benefits of sauna and sauna therapy.


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We take the time to sit down, test them out, and figure out which ones stand head and shoulders above the competition. This means you can save time and money when it comes to choosing an infrared sauna that will suit your needs.  We also survey the market to make sure you get the best supplier and best price for each model.

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