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What are the pros and cons of a sauna blanket? The main pros of a sauna blanket are its compact size, its portable, and its low price. The main cons of a sauna blanket are it’s for single person use only, you must be fully clothed to use, and they have to be packed away when finished.  We’ll take you through all the infrared sauna blanket benefits and disadvantages below.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an infrared sauna blanket? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of an infrared sauna blanket.


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One of the greatest advantages of a sauna blanket is its compact size. Measuring approx just 70 x 70 inches (unfolded), you can roll it out almost anywhere in your home.

All you need is a flat space such as a bed or some floor space. They take up very little room and can be packed away easily when you are finished.


Another key advantage of a sauna blanket is that they are highly portable. They are lightweight and can be folded up and moved around. They are not fixed to any one location.

You can even take a sauna blanket on a road trip. They fit easily into the trunk or back seat of a car. This means you can take them along if you fancy some sauna while away from home.  And, they don’t take up a fixed space in your home.


Price is another advantage of a sauna blanket. They are simply much, much more affordable than a traditional cabin-style sauna.

You can expect to pay in the region of $500-$750 for a well built, high-quality sauna blanket. A traditional-style sauna will cost you anywhere between $5,000-$20,000.


Sauna blankets yield excellent results. This is another great pro of a sauna blanket. They use infrared heat to gently heat the body right to the core.

Infrared heat is very effective. It penetrates the skin and has a deep-heating effect on the body. Sauna blankets achieve all the same benefits as traditional saunas but at much lower temperatures.

Lower temperatures mean lower heat intensity and a much more comfortable session. Less intense heat means you can stay in longer and increase the health benefits of your sauna session.


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A sauna blanket requires no installation. All you need to do is roll it out and plug it into your electrical power supply.

A traditional sauna or steam room requires significant installation work. You’ll need to get a builder, electrician, and plumber in. An entire corner of your home will have to be redesigned and rebuilt.


Sauna blankets are very easy to use. They are plug-and-play devices. All you need is access to some flat floor space and an electrical socket.

Just roll the sauna blanket out, plug it in, and away you go. The device is up and running in minutes. Just like setting up any other simple electrical home appliance.


Sauna blankets are great for relaxing both mind and body. The soothing infrared heat deeply penetrates the body, boosts heart rate, and triggers the release of endorphins.

They are a great way to unwind at the end of a long stressful day,  They help boost mood and we like to use them before bedtime to deeply relax the mind and body.


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Another key pro of a sauna blanket is its potential to relieve pain. We found them effective for temporary pain relief such as easing sore muscles and relieving aching joints.

The deep penetrating infrared heat of a sauna blanket boosts heart rate and blood flow. This means more nutrient-rich and oxygen-rich blood gets pumped around the body and to the areas that are causing pain.


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The main disadvantage of a sauna blanket is that it can only be used by one person at a time. Sauna blankets are designed specifically for single-person use.

Traditional sauna cabins can hold two or more people. Large cabin saunas can even hold quite large numbers of people, six or more. But a sauna blanket can be enjoyed by just one person at a time.


Another con of using a sauna blanket is that you need to be fully clothed. When you climb inside a sauna blanket you will be clothed from your neck right down to your toes.

This means you will have to wear a long-sleeved top, full-length bottoms, and a pair of socks. You need to be fully clothed to stop your skin from coming into direct contact with the surface of the sauna blanket.

A great option is to use a Sauna Blanket Insert.  Inserts are super cozy towel wraps that cover up your body and mean you can ditch the clothes if you want.  They feel great against your skin and remove the need to fully cloth.  For more, check out Sauna Blanket Clothes.


When discussing sauna blanket pros and cons we need to take a look at the ‘packing away’. When you finish using a sauna blanket it needs to be rolled up and packed away.

This adds a few minutes to your session after each use. Packing away is something you do not have to do when you build a permanent cabin sauna. Cabin saunas have a permanent place in your home.


Another con of a sauna blanket, or any home sauna, is the lack of social interaction. Enjoying a sauna in the comfort of your home is very convenient but it removes the social element.

You’re not going to meet any new people or strike up a conversation. Using a sauna blanket at home removes the need to make a trip to your local gym or spa and meeting other people.


Another con is that there are plenty of cheap, low-quality blankets on the market. You need to avoid buying one of these. If the price seems to be too good to be true, then you shouldn’t buy it.

Go for quality and you will not be disappointed. Our advice is to steer clear of poorly built, cheap blankets. There is a range of excellent sauna blankets available at good prices.

Do some research before you part with your cash and get a sauna blanket you’re going to love. You will not be disappointed!  For more information on How an Infrared Sauna Blanket Works – check out our guide – How Does a Sauna Blanket Work?


Yes, an infrared sauna blanket is an excellent investment for your home. If you enjoy sauna and want to be able to experience infrared sauna in the comfort of your home – an infrared sauna blanket is an excellent buy.

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You can unroll and begin enjoying a session in minutes. And, they are an excellent way to unwind, relax, and calm the mind after a long day.  And, if you’re weighing up the pros and cons versus a traditional sauna, check out Sauna Blanket vs Sauna to help you decide.

Infrared sauna blankets are a powerful tool for healing the body and boosting recovery. Check out our guide to the health benefits of infrared sauna – over here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that frequently crop up when discussing infrared sauna blanket benefits and disadvantages.

Are Sauna Blankets Good For You?

Yes, sauna blankets are great for relaxation, calming the mind, and boosting health. They boost cardiovascular activity and trigger an intense sweat. They are used to boost workout recovery, loosen tense muscles, and ease joint pain.

Can I Use a Sauna Blanket Every Day?

Everyone is different.  We cannot recommend how often any individual should use a sauna blanket. The best approach is to start with a low frequency – once or twice per week. Then begin using it more frequently if you feel comfortable doing so. Listen to your body and never push yourself beyond what feels comfortable for you.

Do Sauna Blankets Work For Weight Loss?

No, sauna blankets do not work for weight loss. When you use a sauna blanket you will experience an intense sweat. This sweat will increase in a temporary water weight loss. But this water must be replaced to prevent dehydration.  For more, check out our guide to Sauna Blankets for Weight Loss.

Should You Wear Clothes In a Sauna Blanket?

Yes, you should always wear clothes when using a sauna blanket. You should be completely clothed from your neck right down to your toes. This protects your skin from coming into direct contact with the hot sauna blanket.


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